May the Fifth Be With You.

Did you know you could us tequila to make synthetic diamonds? Well, it’s true. All you’ve gotta do is vaporize it, then heat that vapor up to 800 degrees Celsius. Then just catch the deposits.

You know something that’s even easier to do with tequila? Three words: shots, shots, shots. You better believe there’ll be a lot of that tonight, because people gonna culturally appropriate. Any excuse to drink on a weeknight, I guess. — Cory Graves

Los Master Plus at Trees (Free)
Every time these guys bring their Cumbia invasion to town, there is crowd-surfing, slam-dancing and even a few couples slow-dancing — all this co-existing within feet of one another. We’ve seen it before, and it definitely works — and never more so than when Los Master Plus ditched their gear mid-song, leaving their beat playing on their decks, and somehow made it back to the stage just in time to hit the next song riff in their mix. It was a remarkable display of showmanship on their part — a moment that came amidst a set that also saw the duo paying homage to everyone from No Doubt to Radiohead to Kings of Leon with quirky Cumbia covers and remixes. It will be fun, to say the least. — Karlo X. Ramos

Gipsy Kings at The Bomb Factory
You may be familiar with the Gipsy Kings. If not entirely, then perhaps slightly. Their take on The Eagles’ “Hotel California” was featured in The Big Lebowski and Entourage, among other places. They also did a Spanish version of “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” for Toy Story 3. Here’s the funny thing: Though the soulful mariachi-esque strummers sing their tunes in Spanish, they’re actually from Southern France. Hey, whatever romantic language moves you, I guess. — H. Drew Blackburn

Metallachi at Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill
Metalachi is not your typical mariachi band. Metalachi, as its name implies, is a mariachi band that covers metal songs — the first of such group of its kind, or so the band’s press materials insinuate. They do more than just that, of course. Over the course of one of their numerous previous stops through town in the past year or so, the band sprinkled in its takes on such traditional mariachi standards as “Volver Volver,” “Mariachi Loco” and “La Bamba” among its expected covers of Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer.” It’ll be an infectious offering, for sure given today’s holiday. — Erika Lambreton

Cinco de Mezcal at Double Wide
Double Wide is putting on a Cinco de Mayo party, fittingly titled “Cinco de Mezcal,” as there’s going to be $5 Mezcal, and $3 Modelos — which is still way too much to pay for Modelo, BTW. DJ AKA Lazerprik is going to be playing all night, and if you needed any more convincing, there’s going to be a free nacho bar. — Paul Wedding

True Widow at Dada
True Widow is a Dallas trio that specializes in really heavy music. Not like heavy metal, but there’s just a lot of shit going into their patented stone-gaze sound. There’s a big boisterous bass throughout accompanied by an equally loud drums and guitar. The sound made is a kind of melancholic, droning one, like a big black cloud slowly approaching. Drab Majesty and Pale DÄ«an open. — PW

Jay Oakerson at Addison Improv
Jay Oakerson is a comedian focused on storytelling, typically stories of the absurd. Gangbangs, strippers, escorts and so forth. In the same vein of humor as that, he hosts a podcast called Legion of Skanks as well as another podcast called 0The Bonfire. As well as making appearances on Comedy Central Presents and Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. — PW

Hip-Hop Karaoke at Crown and Harp
Always wanted to sing along to Master P’s “Make ‘Em Say Uhh!” but never been certain where in public you could pull off such a feat? Head on over to the Crown and Harp’s downstairs venue tonight for your chance to sing (or rap, as it were) to your heart’s desires. — EL

Lee Harvey Osmond at Kessler Theater
Lee Harvey Osmond is a psychedelic folk musician opening for Matt Andersen & the Bona Fide. His music has a similar tone of old country songs. A lot of slow, somber guitar melodies about bad people or bad situations. He’s a great songwriter and a pretty good guitarist at that. Headliner Matt Andersen leads with a funk sound, backed by a horn and sax section. He’s got a deep, powerful voice as soulful as his band’s sound. — PW

The Posies Secret Pop-Up Show in Denton (Sold Out)
The Posies are a power pop band from the ’90s that just released a new album, Solid States. They’re going on a tour of secret pop-up shows, and picked Denton, presumably for its vast amount of ’90s-loving hipsters that populate the city streets. — PW

The Nightowls at Three Links
If you’re looking for a night of great, local soul music, Three Links has got you covered. The Nightowls are a Texas soul group, complete with horns and backup singers. They bring the old-fashioned Motown sound and give it a modern update, and it works great. Feletha Black opens. — PW

Criminal Birds (Live Recording) at Dan’s Silverleaf
Criminal Birds is a local Denton band getting ready to record a live album. The four-piece psychedelic rock group has an appropriately atmospheric sound, complete with a fuzzy, brooding bass and an eerie keyboard played throughout the background of their music. It’s an enveloping kind of sound and it would probably sound awesome live. Cozy Hawks and Particular People open. — PW

The Rocketboys at Lola’s
Austin’s The Rocketboys’ usually melancholy, but sometimes insightful, melodic light rock might not be the thing for everybody. Those who enjoy piano-driven sophistication and references to October Sky, however, will be right at home at this show. — Chelsea Upton

Acoustic Nerves at 2516 N. Beckley
Acoustic Nerves is a music showcase supported by the City of Dallas in order to provide an area for the musicians, artists and performers to experiment with their artwork and push boundaries in front of a crowd. And they’ll be doing that for three nights straight with such experimental artists as Therefore, anteroom, Triangulum and Böhm. — PW

Tostada and Beer Pairing Flight at LUCK
LUCK at Trinity Groves is serving a tostada and beer flight in honor of Cinco de Mayo. The latest rendition of the restaurant’s food and flight pairings will include brews from Revolver, Woodcreek, Deep Ellum Brewing Co. and Four Corners. The event takes place from 5 to 10 p.m. — Porttia Portis

Trompo de Mayo at Four Corners
The “Cinco de Drinko” celebration will include small batch brews, with tacos courtesy of Trompo, and music by the Spinster Records crew. The event begins at 6 p.m. — PP

Cinco de Neato at Deep Ellum Brewing Co.
DEBC’s regular Thursday open house is going with the Cinco de Mayo theme tonight. There’ll be street tacos, plenty of Neato Bandito on tap and, most importantly, free Uber rides. Viva! Literally. — CG

















































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