Double Your Pleasure.

It says a lot about our society, our obsession with celebrities, memes, Internet culture and distaste for most politicians that two bros feeding each other nachos at a recent Trump rally earned more notoriety than anything the “Make America Great Again” blowhard said in his speech.

Weird times we're living in. Conflicting ones, too, as we feel like telling you to take a step towards remedying the situation by looking at less Internet and caring more about important stuffs, except, y'know, our livelihood depends on your Internet-loving eyeballs.

So maybe logoff, but do it later. Like after you've caught up on all tonight's goings on, maybe. — Cory Graves

Moon Honey at RBC
Moon Honey is an indie band that defines its genre as “magic,” which isn't that far off. Because it really does sound unique and other-worldly. The songs have this dense cacophony of sound, intricately and beautifully arranged, complemented greatly by the lead singer's operatic voice. Lily Taylor and Siamese open. — Paul Wedding

Sklarr Brothers at Hyena's (Plano)
The Sklar brothers are a set of twin comedians that you've probably seen somewhere before. They've been everywhere form movies like Wild Hogs and The Comebacks, TV shows like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Entourage and have had their own stand-up specials and podcasts, as well as two web shows that have received critical acclaim. — PW

Three Links Three-Year Anniversary
For Three Links' third birthday, they're throwing a four-day-long bash, kicking off with this rather dance-y show. Dezi 5 will kick off the night with what front man Dezman Lehman is calling a “high energy dance set.” Also, playing this party is Zhora, with her Goldfrapp-meets-Madonna sound that will definitely help you get your freak on. And then there's -topic. What can't you say about him? He's a captivating beat producer who toes the line between experimental and mainstream. His work on Bobby Sessions' Law of Attraction album is ridiculously good. Yes, the party will be a boogie fest. Be prepared to lose your shoes. — Roberto Aguilar

Jonas Martin, The Outer Vibe at Double Wide
You have one hell of a varied show here at the Double Wide, yet they all seem to meet in a place called “Solid,” as in they're consummate pros who take their work very seriously. Headlining the show is hometown blues-indie-pop artist Jonas Martin who is starting to pick up steam in the national scene. Coming all the way from Grand Rapids, Michigan is The Outer Vibe, which labels itself as a “cinematic surf disco” outfit. It's a pretty apt description of their campy sound that could carry a revisionist western movie score. Opening the show is LEV who take on a synthetic '80s sound that is very much modern pop as well. — RA

Papadosio at House of Blues
It makes total sense that Papadosio is currently stationed in Asheville, North Carolina. The band's sound is artful, unique and rooted in nature. The latest album, Extras in a Movie, is a full-fledged cinematic wonder with layers upon layers of instrumentation. Opening the show is Earphunk, which brings its progressive-funk style from New Orleans. —RA

The Hendersons at Lola's Saloon
This is a pretty damn cool show, and for five bucks it's kind of silly not to check it out. The Hendersons, from Fort Worth, have this evolved sound that is picturesque yet humbling like Henry Miller lounging in ragged clothes drinking french wine. They sound a little Kinks-ish circa Village Green. Now, Mantra Love from Houston are a tripped out prog-punk band that comes close to the sounds of Viet Cong and …Trail of Dead. Last up is Dallas band Trái Bo. They are a little lackadaisical and unhinged, but when the sound all comes together it is poignant and thought provoking. — RA

Cool Cats in a Blender at Kettle Art
There are no actual cats being put into blenders. The event is a meet-and-greet/potluck thingy for local visual artists in Dallas to come together, mingle and get to know each other. And who knows, maybe some future collaborative works will be born from this gathering. —PW

Savor The Arboretum at the Dallas Arboretum
Savor the Arboretum is a chance to sample some of the finest foods, wines and spirits in Dallas while enjoying the scenic views provided by the flora of the Dallas Arboretum at sunset. All proceeds of the event go to the educational department of the Dallas Arboretum. — PW

The Trishas at Kessler Theater
When Jamie Wilson, Liz Foster, Kelley Mickwee and Savannah Welch first performed together, they didn't even have a name for their group — much less plans to pursue musical careers together. They just wanted to perform a couple of songs in honor of Savannah's dad, singer-songwriter Kevin Welch. But the audience enjoyed them so much that venues began approaching them asking if they'd like to play some shows, so the girls decided to dub themselves The Trishas and just go with the flow. Now, with a couple albums under their collective belts, the ladies are still performing live shows. And you can catch one this Thursday when they perform at The Kessler. — Carly Seitz

Atreyu at The Rail Club
Atreyu! Falkor! If you're a baby of the '80s like me, then the luckdragon is on your side for this metalcore show out in the Fort. — James Wallace

Pitch Perfect Sing-Along at Alamo Drafthouse (Richardson)
If you've been living under a rock, Pitch Perfect is part of the trend that Glee started that tricked people into thinking a cappella was cool. It's wildly popular among girls, and it's sequel even beat out six-time Academy Award-winning action masterpiece Mad Max: Fury Road at the box office on opening weekend. The message of this is to skip this movie and go watch Mad Max: Fury Road again. You can sing along to the incredible score if you want. — PW


















































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