Dump Trump.

After deciding he wasn’t responsible enough to water his zebra plant with the regularity required to keep it alive, a man named Tyler Wood built a robot that would water the plant whenever someone on Reddit told it to.

Why he couldn’t simply build a robot that just regularly watered his plant is beyond me.

Anyway, looks like you’ve got a duty to keep the thing alive. Do your part, America.

Then reward yourself for your good deed with a night out on the town. — Cory Graves

Wheeler Walker Jr at Cambridge Room
Any musician with the stones to title their album Redneck Shit containing tracks such as “Beer, Weed, Cooches” and “Eatin’ Pussy/Kickin’ Ass” has to be dope. Comedian Ben Hoffman, aka Wheeler Walker Jr. also has the stamp of approval from Texas musician, novelist and eccentric, Kinky Friedman, proclaiming him as the “Michelangelo of country music,” as well as famed Nashville producer Dave Cobb (Sturgill Simpson). What can we say, the man’s a badass. — Sidney Johnson

KXT Sun Sets at Dallas Power and Light’s Pool
KXT has been keeping the summer ambience alive with its new concert series, Sun Sets; where artists are slated to play every other Wednesday until August 4th. Barns Courtney and Reinventing June are slated to play the series’ second week atop a discretely placed rooftop pool. — Calvin Cashen

Mizery at RBC
Few bands can say they’ve been influenced by both Metallica and Gangstarr, but Mizery is one of those groups. The hardcore band will be appearing with LOCK, Response, Skourge and Kept In Line for their “Nuke The Nation” tour. Heads will bang, so if you’re not about the pit-life, stay home. — SJ

Steve Gunn at Three Links
Though he’s primarily known for the time he spent playing guitar in Kurt Vile’s backing band, The Violators, Gunn’s been quietly releasing LPs of his own since 2008. And just because the singer-songwriter’s mellow, J.J. Cale and John Fahey-inspired guitar-centric jams are oft-overlooked, it doesn’t mean you should sleep on this one. — CG

Benjamin Rybeck & Drew Nellins Smith at The Wild Detectives
Here, Texas novelists, Benjamin Rybeck and Drew Nellins Smith will discuss the details of their debut novels. If you’re a fan of writing or reading (the latter is obvious) this event should offer some insight into how they began writing and where they are going next. — SJ

Marty Stuart at Kessler Theater
The country singer hasn’t changed his flowing hair since his debut album Busy Bee Cafe came out over 30 years ago. Nevertheless, Stuart & the Superlatives will bring their to smooth flavor and virtuosic country approach to The Kessler this eve. SJ

Joe Ely at Dan’s Silverleaf
The West Texas “Panhandle Rambler” sits atop the Mt. Olympus of Texas country, with legends such as Waylon Jennings, Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison. Tickets start at $20; just a few green- strawed iced-coffee’s to see a living legend. — SJ

Gondwana at Trees
Gondwana is an ancient super continent believed to have sutured between about 570 and 510 million years ago. It’s also a Latin-American Reggae (or Reggae Roll) group formed in Chile in 1987 and have been rocking ever since. The fact that this is at Trees is smirk-worthy. — SJ

Last Joke, Jack Kerowax at Sundown
First and foremost, this is a free event for the fans. Secondly, there will be half-priced bottles of wine for your drinking pleasure, just don’t so tipsy you miss the tunes. Lastly, get there. Who doesn’t enjoy some Last Joke, Kerowax, wine and freebies? People who hate life, that’s who. — SJ

The Force Awakens at Fair Park
We can finally have peace between Sith and Jedi as we all meet for the free screening of The Force Awakens. Movie goers should bring outdoor gear for sitting and free parking is available. Bring the kiddos so they can be indoctrinated into Lucas’ masterpiece as we were. — SJ

Gettin’ It (Storytelling Show) at Dallas Comedy House
Gettin’ It is a series of shows focused on telling the true stories of women getting what they want. What better way to empower the ladies than a picture of Queen Bey as Rosie the Riveter flexing? For your sake, just be cool at the show or Solange may meet you in the elevator, and we don’t want that. — SJ

Oak Cliff Film Festival
Summer can get pretty brutal in Dallas. That heat? And that humidity? It just doesn’t make for a great combo. Way I see it, there are only really two tactics at hand for fighting the good fight against rising temperatures: You can head to the pool or you can head to the movie theater. Me? I’ll choose the movie theater more often than not — although, from June 16 to June 19, there’s really no argument at all. For those four days, the Oak Cliff Film Festival is without a doubt the move. Head here to see which of the 27 feature-length movies and 41 short films is playing where. — Javier Fuentes

Donald Trump Fundraiser at Gilley’s
Donald Trump’s campaign staff has confirmed that the Republican candidate will hold a rally in North Texas tomorrow afternoon. Trump’s rally will be held at Gilley’s on Lamar street, in conjunction with a concurring protest. Though the candidate has been experiencing success this campaign season, finding a secure venue space to hold the rally wasn’t exactly walk on water. After several rejections from facilities like Verizon Theatre, who purported that the venue has inadequate seating, Trump’s team settled for Gilley’s. Expect a huge draw from both ends of the political spectrum. — CC

Dump Trump Dallas (Coalition for Dignity, Against Hate & Bigotry) Protest at Gilley’s
With political tactics never before seen, for good reason, ferret-headed politician Donald Trump has created outrage nationwide. This event is for you all who have taken to social media (only) to express your disdain for the presidential candidate. Now here’s an opportunity to do something more. — SJ

The Blind Café at Atlantis Business Center
A pop-up venture called The Blind Café aims to show patrons what it’s like to live with blindness with a dinner and show in complete darkness. An evening at the touring restaurant will feature a vegetarian dinner, followed by a discussion on what it is like to live with blindness. The event takes place June 16-18 from 6 to 8:30 at the Atlantis Business Center in Carrollton.– Porttia Portis


















































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