Let's Party.

Remember that show Pimp My Ride? Turns out, it was almost entirely fake.

Sure, it was a TV show, so you probably already expected that the truth was massaged quite a bit, but to hear a few former participants in the show tell it, it's probably even worse than you could imagine. Everything was off here: Xzibit greeted kids at fake houses; the crew un-pimped the cars to a large degree before actually giving them back to the owners; and, hell, they'd even work on the cars for seven months and then make it appear like the whole fix-up occurred over the course of a single weekend.

Is anything real anymore?

Well, we would never ever lie to you. And when we say there's a whole hell of a lot of fun to be had out there tonight, you can take that as gospel. — Cory Graves

Central Track's Three-Year Anniversary Party at Double Wide
Earlier this month, we officially made it past our third anniversary. All we really knew back when we started this project was that we wanted to try to create something that was a little bit different from everything else out there. We hoped that some people would appreciate our perspectives on this city and its ever-evolving cultures. We're thankful — from the bottom of our hearts — that some have. Likewise, we're grateful for the many area businesses who've supported us along the way, taking out ads on our site, appreciating what it is that we're attempting to do and affording us the chance to continue doing it. If any of the above sounds sappy, my apologies. But also: Whatever, man. Three years is a long time. I don't know that anyone — ourselves included — necessarily believed that we'd last this long. So, yes, we're proud of our longevity. We're excited, too, about what still lies out in front of us — like this, our formal, three-year anniversary party, which will feature performances from fast-rising Dallas hip-hop impresario Blue, The Misfit, R&B-tinged synth-heavy acts Dark Rooms and Sudie, and up-and-coming rapper Brandon Fxrd. On top of all that, our pal DJ Shooknite from Track Meet will be on hand, spinning some party tracks, too. So come hang with us tonight! The party is free. The concert is three bucks. — Pete Freedman

Juan Gabriel at American Airlines Center
In recent years, music writers and Latin pop fans have taken to adopting the phrase “divo” to describe legendary Mexican singer Juan Gabriel. And indeed, with his trademark silk scarves, the flamboyant vocalist is certainly the male equivalent of a diva. He's quite a superstar, too. That much everyone seems to agree on. — CG

Daniel Markham, Bravo, Max!, The Birds of Night at Dada
Recently, Denton retro rockers The Birds of Night released a new single/video from an upcoming, self-titled LP that'll drop on April 21. Produced and mixed by recent Grammy-winner McKenzie Smith at his Redwood Studio, the band's first single, “Dark,” is not only the highest fidelity recording the band's released to date, but it takes their Strokes-leaning tendencies to new heights as well. See if you agree. Then catch them in Dallas along with Bravo, Max! and Daniel Markham. — CG

Diana Ross at Verizon Theatre
American singer, actress, record producer and supreme being Diana Ross will be gracing North Texas with her awesome presence tonight. Born and raised in Detroit, she rose to fame as the lead singer of The Supremes, which not only became Motown's most successful commercial act, but to this day remains one of the world's best-selling girl groups ever. But, really, come on: It's Diana fucking Ross, people! — Lauren Rushing

Wondercrust presents: Super Inframan at The Grotto (Free)
Come watch Inframan stop a ridiculously-old, not-so-nice-and-pretty princess from accomplishing her goals of world domination. The movie, while based on Japanese tokusatsu show Ultraman, is Chinese. And in order to make your movie-watching experience more authentic, The Wondercrust Movie Watchers Club will have some Chinese food on hand for you (although we expect that it will probably be pretty Americanized). The flick, and show-to-follow by local band The Confounded, is free, and you can win some free drinks and prizes with a “tweet your joke” contest. — Carly Seitz

Mason Dixie Burlesque Tour at Three Links
This touring burlesque troupe brings its Americana-themed brand of “sass, class and ass” to Deep Ellum tonight. This show features “the hottest vixens from both sides of the Mason Dixon.” They also happen to be pretty good at rhymes, if that's a big turn-on for you. — CG

10 Years at Trees
In April, Tennessee alt-metal outfit 10 Years will release its seventh studio LP since 2001. The band says of its forthcoming effort, “On this record we tried to balance the raw excitement and energy we has as a young band with the age and wisdom we gained over the past 15 years or writing, performing and touring together.” You can check out a video for the album's first single, here, then hear it — and a bunch of other new tunes, presumably — at this one. Otherwise, Awaken the Empire and Lumina open. — CG

Rebirth Brass Band at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
Rebirth got its start on the streets of New Orleans' French Quarter in 1983. More recently, and 30 years after the fact, the outfit finally won its self a Grammy. The onetime street performers' heavy funk sound has also fully become the sound of their city — especially in the wake of their being a focal point of HBO's Treme. — Jessica Petrocchi

Rando Reels at Texas Theatre
Tonight, Texas Theatre projectionist Ryan Culbert will dig through the archives of film canisters gathering dust in the storage closet and pop a few of them on — at random? — for shits and giggles. Will you see some old '80s ads and theater promos? Trailers from films you don't remember? Some chunk from the middle of an old B-movie? Probably. Either way, it's just a buck to find out. — CG

Mike Daisey: The Great Tragedies at Hamon Hall
During his three-day Dallas stint, master storyteller Mike Daisey will explore the works of Shakespeare via monologue. On Thursday, he'll tackle Romeo & Juliet; Friday, he'll dive into Hamlet; and, in separate Saturday shows, he'll talk both Macbeth and King Lear. To go or not to go, though, that's the real question. — CG

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