Ride The Bull, Take Some Baths.

Here's something to think about: If you had 24-minutes worth of music to sum up your life, what tracks would you go with? If you had, basically, the length of seven pop songs to leave behind for future generations, what would types of things would comprise the mini-soundtrack of your life?

Would you try to choose songs that said specific things about your personality? Would you just go with stuff you always really liked? Would you try to choose something timeless, like a Beatles track? Would you opt for something obscure that your loved ones probably wouldn't have otherwise discovered?

You better get thinking, because no longer is this just interesting conversational fodder: Thanks to a company in England, it's now possible to have your ashes pressed into a vinyl record featuring 24-minutes worth of the music of your choosing.

For the low, low price of $4,600.00 — a price tag well below the average cost of a typical casket-and-headstone style burial — you can get 30 copies of your custom, ash-encrusted vinyl records to leave to your closest family and friends.

Y'know, just something to think about as you head out tonight to take in some of the night's great live music options. There's a lot of great shows going down tonight, to be sure.

Red Bull Sound Select Presents: Baths at Three Links
Will Wiesenfeld's electronic project Baths headlines the second edition of the Red Bull Sound Select series that we've been helping to curate along with the help of the good folks over at Spune. Unlike the first installment in the series, you'll definitely want to show up early for this one. Not only might you miss the carefully selected local openers These Machines are Winning, Ice Eater and Son of Stan if you arrive late,, but you might not make it in at all. While tickets to this one are just $3, there's no pre-sale. Rather they'll only be available at the door on a first-come, first-served basis. And once the door closes, it closes. — Stephen Young

Heart and Jason Bonham at Gexa Energy Pavilion
Heart — that iconic band of “Barracuda,” “Crazy on You” and “Magic Man” fame — brings its “Heartbreaker” summer tour to Gexa tonight, supported by Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience project. The tour is called “Heartbreaker” because one of the acts is named Heart and the other has a song titled “Heartbreaker.” Get it? — SY

Balmorhea at The Live Oak
Before we get too far into this, let's set one thing straight: The band's name is pronounced Bal-more-ay, as in the tiny West Texas town. The Austin-based six-piece minimalist instrumental group has been defying the single genre description since its formation back in 2006. Still, the group has toured the US and Europe six times each and released five albums along the way. Hard as this group is to define, it's clearly doing something right. — Jessica Petrocchi

George Willborn at Addison Improv
Willborn's approach to telling the truth about what's funny has earned him the nickname the “Stress Reliever” of comedy. Laugh away some stress tonight. — JP

Tribute to Kidd at AT&T Plaza at American Airlines Center
The name Kidd Kraddick has long been synonymous with morning radio around these parts. And, for most North Texans, the longtime DJ's recent and untimely passing while attending an event for his Kidd's Kids charity won't be quickly forgotten. This public memorial for the radio vet will feature a performance by Kraddick's favorite artist Ben Folds. Fittingly enough, a Kidd's Kids benefit concert featuring Jason Derulo and The Jonas Brothers, among others, will take place after this event at the nearby House of Blues. — Cory Graves

Dante at Hyena's Comedy Nightclub
All this weekend, the Last Comic Standing competitor performs at Hyena's. But that's far from his only television appearance. In fact, the veteran comedian has appeared in over 40 TV shows and movies, and he was also the grand prize winner of ABC's America's Funniest People. Dante's website advertises the comedian's ability to perform a range of sets from dirty to “corporate clean,” however it's probably safe to assume where on the spectrum these performances will lie… — JP

Paul Slavens' Ninth KXT Anniversary Party
Dark Rooms, Blackstone Rangers and Diamond Age provide the entertainment at Dan's in Denton for a party celebrating venerable KXT DJ Paul Slavens' ninth year at the station. Go give one of the biggest patrons of local music around his due, and check out the act behind the best local album of the year so far. — SY

Straight Tequila Night at Sundown
This one's name doesn't just imply a rough Thursday night and an even rougher Friday morning at work. Straight Tequila Night is actually the name of an '80s and '90s country cover band comprised mostly of Granada Theater employees. But, hey, the idea's been put out there. —Trace McCaslin

PSWxEdu WORKSHOP – “Sport + Persona in Performance Art” at Dallas Museum of Art
Don't let the fancy name fool ya. This, the last installment in the museum's series on performance art in sport, will serve to crown the Thumb In The Eye Wrestling Federation's first ever champion. Is it silly? Yes, but in the best way possible. And besides, it sounds a lot less ridiculous than many of the antics the WWE puts out there these days. #justsayin — CG

THRWD Thursdays at Gin Mill
If one of your big motivators for attending this party thrown by THRWD Magazine is to learn the identity of semi-covert Dallas Observer nightlife columnist Deb Doing Dallas, you may be disappointed; attendees are encouraged to don masks to this one. Still, DJ Taylor Effin Cleveland and live art by The Coworkers are reason enough to head over to Henderson Avenue just the same. — CG

Party in the Park at Pegasus Plaza
It's hot outside. There's no denying that. But when you're with friends and family, enjoying live music and ice cold beverages of your choice, who cares about the heat, right? That's the idea, at least, behind Downtown Dallas, Inc.'s Party in the Park series which continues this evening. Tonight and every Thursday for the next few weeks they'll be hosting happy hours in various public parks around town. — JP


















































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