Stay Alive, Baby.

It’s now possible, for those folks that live in New York anyway, to order a pizza that comes in a pizza box made out of pizza. Like the Native Americans before them, who found uses for every part of the buffalo, it allows its purchasers to eat every part of the transaction, leaving no waste behind to take up space in a landfill somewhere.

Its an idea we can really get behind, especially given how much we hate wasting stuff. In that regard, we’d hate to see you wasting time trying to find something quality to do around town tonight, so to help you out we’ve gone ahead and done some digging on your behalf. Here’s everything we found. — Cory Graves

San Fermin at Dada
San Fermin is a baroque pop band with a rich, energetic sound. Every piece of the group manages to complement the other wonderfully, from the two lead singers’ voices to the fuzzy saxes and brassy horns. It’s an eight-piece group that uses each musical element to the fullest extent to make some really elegant and intricate music. Your Friend opens. — Paul Wedding

Levitation Room, Mother Tongues, Sway at Crown and Harp
Orange County pscyh rock outfit Levitation Room is maybe the quintessential Burger Records band at the moment. For some folks, we imagine, that statement alone tells them everything they need to know about these guys. For better or worse Burger is one of those labels whose popularity frequently eclipses that of the many likeminded acts on its roster. — CG

Blue Velvet at Alamo Drafthouse (Dallas)
What kind of beer to you like? Heineken? Fuck that shit. How you gonna drink anything other than Pabst Blue Ribbon tonight in honor of this film’s most memorable scene? They’ll be celebrating the 30th anniversary of this one tonight, which also means that somewhere Isabella Rossellini will celebrating the 30th anniversary of her acting career. — CG

James Carville and Karl Rove at McFarlin Auditorium (Sold Out)
Like earlier editions of this lecture series — remember when Rob Lowe was in town! — tickets to this one sold out many months ago, like back in the fall of 2015 many months ago. What can we say, people are stoked for the opportunity to be in the same room as a guy the younger President Bush frequently referred to as Turd Blossom. — CG


















































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