Don’t You Forget About Me.

The Donald Trump doesn’t know what dogs are. According to an extensive collection of his tweets, it’s apparent that he thinks they have actual jobs that they can get fired from.


Also, the Trumpster doesn’t know what the good people of Dallas like to do for entertainment on Monday nights in June. Fortunately for you, though, we do. — Cory Graves

Day Wave at House of Blues
Jackson Phillips, or Day Wave, is an Oakland-based artist with a mellow, down-tempo wave to his music. Say you just met a nice potential S.O. and want to take him/her to something that won’t scare them away or break the bank. Maybe the wave won’t be the only thing getting rode tonight. — Sidney Johnson

AGFA Secret Screening at Alamo Drafthouse
nce a month Alamo Drafthouse will hold screenings of rare 35mm prints — everything from b-movies to classics. The thing is, you won’t know what movie they’ll be showing that night until the lights dim and the projectors start rolling. Good, bad, or otherwise, though, your tickets won’t cost a thing. — CG

Good Life, Speedy Ortiz at Dada
Speedy Ortiz strikes a great balance between structure and songwriting. Sure, there are a lot of emo revivalists doing similar stuff, but none that evokes quite the same spirit of Malkmus. And that unique dualism is what makes the outfit so endearing. The Good Life also performs. — Calvin Cashen

Outward Bound Mixtape Sessions at RBC
This week, Brian Tomerlin, Snuff American Style, Sinevil, Super Mook and more perform at this musically adventurous weekly. — CG

Don’t Forget Me: A Night of Nilsson at Kessler Theater
Wednesday would have been the great Harry Nilsson’s 75 birthday. As an early b-day present, John Lefler, Salim Nourallah, KXT’s Paul Slavens, Camille Cortinas, Mike Richardson, KTCK’s Mike Rhyner, Paul Averitt and others are covering his tunes at the Kessler all night. — CG


















































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