Bite The Thumb.

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, you can now order a $9 computer. It’s called C.H.I.P., and it’s now the world’s cheapest computer.

Even cheaper is a list of advice on how to spend your evening. And by cheap, we’re talking totally free. Can’t beat that.

Shakespeare in the Bar Presents: Romeo and Juliet at Eight Bells Alehouse
Of late, troupes of drunken actors with clever names like ShakesBEER and Shotspeare have been staging informal productions of the bard’s work in watering holes all over the country. Sacrilige you say? Perhaps not so much. As this Wall Street Journal piece on the phenomenon points out, wine and ale were often consumed all day long in Shakespeare’s day, meaning the original staging of Romeo and Juliet was probably in front of a crowd of drunk folks, too.

Almost Famous at Granada Theater (Free)
Every night this week the Granada is hosting free concerts from national level talent. And it all kicks off with a free screening of Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous. Who’s the golden god now?

The Ghost Wolves at Crown and Harp
The husband and wife Cramps from the crypt play songs the lord taught ’em tonight on Lower Greenville. Mink Coats and Teenage Sexx open.

Did someone say Miyazaki? at Bearded Monk
Some ladies up Denton way are screening a TBD Miyazaki film at the bar. No dudes allowed.

Blow Out at Alamo Drafthouse (Dallas)
From the director of Scarface comes John Travolta in one of his finest roles — as a Foley artist no less.

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