Make Rock Great Again.

Take two minutes out of your probably busy Monday, read this, and become an instantly stronger writer moving forward.

And/or take one minute and read the blurbs below and you can have a more exciting Monday night. Or, y'know, do both. Like you don't have three minutes to spare.

Make America Rock Again Festival at Gas Monkey Live
Make rock great again, we guess means to make rock in a manner radio friendly for 2003. Trapt headlines this one, with support from fellow one-hit wonders Saliva, Saving Abel, Crazy Town and others.

Muuy Biien at Three Links
Break out the makeshift boxing gloves for DIY hardcore houseparty vets Muuy Biien, who would be plenty content if you left this one with a bloody nose. DFW imports, Loafers, open.

The Transformers: The Movie at Alamo Drafthouse (Richardson)
No, not the Michael Bay explosion-o-rama bullshit, this is the 1986 animated Transformers flick with the killer soundtrack.

Oceania at The Prophet Bar
Killing Joke singer Jaz Coleman and poet Hinewehi Mohi bring the unique musical culture of the Maori, New Zealand's native people, to the rest of the world, mixed with modern instrumentation. Hazel, Quiet please, Quiet please, Wren and Brook Alley open.

Fishboy at J&J's Pizza
One of the last-ever shows in the ol' dirty basement will feature pizza-eating regulars Fishboy, along with an unrehearsed County Lines duo set and Bad Times. Better saver that Schlitz and a slice while you still can.

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