Be Very Afraid.

It’s been so “hot” in New York lately that people have begun freaking out about how all the Big Apple roaches have taken to flight.

Down here, though, we aren’t afraid of suddenly airborne insects. In fact, down here, we just know those as regular old roaches.

Another thing we aren’t afraid of around here is Mondays — especially ones so action packed as this one. In fact, around here, we just know those as regular old Mondays. — Cory Graves

Summer Slaughter Tour at Gas Monkey Live
The Summer Slaughter Tour cater’s specifically to fans of extreme forms of metal music and all the convoluted subgenres that go with it. This year, Cannibal Corpse headlines, followed by Nile, After The Burial and many, many more. The slaughter awaits. — Calvin Cashen

D2 Subway Rally at The Bomb Factory
DART has yet to set up a public meeting for the Deep Ellum public with regards to the proposed new subway. So The Bomb Factory is taking initiative and organizing one itself. Come on out for a panel discussion revolving around the D2 project and how it will potentially impact Deep Ellum in the near future. — CC

One-Minute Play Festival at Trinity River Arts
The last of three nights in Kitchen Dog Theatre’s One-Minute Play Festival will feature the last remaining plays among a selection of over 50 commissioned works. The pieces were submitted by over 30 playwrights, all of whom got their humble beginnings in Dallas-Fort Worth. — CC

The Fly at Alamo Drafthouse (Cedars)
The classic film has made its way back to the big screen. Thirty years later, it is still a testament to the dangers of transporting living things as well as keeping a fly-swatter handy while doing so. That dude was ugly. — Sidney Johnson

Monolord at The Rail Club
These Swedish metalheads have been kicking up dust and leaving crowds in comas since they formed in 2013. Their debut album, Empress Rising won the ear of EasyRider Records head Daniel Hall, and now they’re here with Beastmaker and Sweat Lodge. — SJ

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