Show Some Grace Under Pressure.

A common internet complaint is that millennials don’t know how to do things for themselves. For instance, some guys out in Washington have advertised on Craigslist for an experienced dad to grill burgers and hot dogs for them. They say they’re not up to the fatherly mantel of grill master.

If you haven’t got a hold on grilling yourself — and can’t track down a loaner dad — try grabbing a hot dog at the ballpark. Or maybe scrap the grilling idea entirely and try out one of these events.

Chief David O. Brown at Winspear Opera House
“I never set out to be a cop.” That’s how Brown begins his memoir, Called to Rise, an inside-look at his calling to law enforcement, his progressive approach on crime and pivotal moments from his career, including the 2016 police shooting. Tickets come with a signed copy of the book and a chance to hear from the man himself.

Dollar Hot Dog Night at Globe Life Park
You could bust out $10.50 for the Fritos kimchi chili dog. Or, on a promotional basis only, grab a regular hot dog for a buck. Your choice.

Com Truise, Clark at Trees
Two musicians that ooze out deep, textured soundscapes for the synth lover.

An Evening with Sigur Rós at The Bomb Factory
Plenty of quasi-comprehensible Icelandic “Gobbledigook.”

COIN, joan at Dada
Indie pop COIN tours with ’80s-drenched joan.

North Mississippi Allstars at Kessler Theater
Memphis-area blues rock band promotes its latest album Prayer for Peace. An appropriate album title for the times.

10 Things I Hate About You at Sundown (Free)
Escape to the ’90s with this screening of this rom-com classic.

Hemp History Week at Lola’s Trailer Park
If you’ve never been proselytized to about the wonders of hemp, here’s your chance. Learn everything you need to become “that guy” from DFW hemp business owners while sipping a hemp smoothie.

Mozart in the Bar at Black Swan Saloon
A string quartet consisting of Dallas Symphony musicians will be playing Mozart’s movements as you drink Black Swan’s delicious cocktails.

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