Wait Around For Grace With Pond At Trees, Do All The Things You Used To Do With American Pleasure Club At Club Dada And Celebrate National Day Of Cycling.

Everyone loves getting a package or a check in the mail. What’s even better than that? Getting money!

Dushaun Spruce-Henderson outsmarted the United States Postal Service when he changed UPS headquarters’ address to his north side Chicago apartment. Somehow there was no follow up with the billion-dollar corporation about this address change.

Spruce-Henderson started receiving UPS’ mail – including tons of checks. He deposited $58,000 into his bank account through checks and invoices meant to go to the company. This scam was pretty brilliant, if you think about it. Of course, it all eventually caught up with him because — well, he used his actual address and is now facing federal charges.

If you don’t have to worry about mail fraud charges you should use your freedom to check out some of the events and concerts happening around Dallas today.

American Pleasure Club at Club Dada
Formerly known as Teen Suicide, American Pleasure Club is an indie band from Baltimore, Maryland that blends elements of emo and post punk to put on a show that is a totally melodramatic indie experience. Fellow indie band Special Explosion opens.

Pond at Trees
The psychedelic rock band from Perth, Australia is known for its willingness to jump from genre to genre for the sake of crafting tunes that are always trippy to some degree. Its revolving lineup seems to help as the band’s members bring a distinct style to the various instruments they play.  Psychedelic music wiz Fascinator opens the show.

Hair Metal Monday at Double Wide
Grab your spandex, platform shoes and eyeliner, (we’re talking to you, fellas) because it’s time again for another edition of Hair Metal Monday at Double Wide, where DJ Joey Scandalous will be playing all your favorite ’80s metal jams.

National Cycling Day with the American Heart Association
Get outside and ride your bike! It’s good for your heart and it’ll give you a good opportunity to get out there and bust out your brand new cycling short shorts.

Geeks Who Drink Mondays! at Twilite Lounge Fort Worth
Dust off your pop-culture and world knowledge for Geeks who Drink Trivia Night at Twilite Lounge in Fort Worth. This is a good chance to maybe win some cash and definitely fun!  Trivia starts at 8 p.m.

To find out what else is going on today, this week and beyond, check out our event directory.

Cover image via POND Facebook Page

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