Get Your Wings.

A popular subreddit at the moment is the four-year-old FiftyFifty challenge, wherein a link will be given two descriptions, one cute/awesome and another grotesque. Before clicking the link you don’t know which of these was its two captions.

You just never know what you’re going to get.

But not all things in life are so unpredictable. Like, when you’ve got lists like the one below, you’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting yourself into tonight. — Cory Graves

It’s a Wonderful Life at Majestic Theatre
It’s this close to December 25th and you haven’t seen George Bailey yell “Merry Christmas, you old lamppost!” yet? Then bring the family to see arguably the best Christmas movie ever — and at the Majestic, no less. Sure, it’s probably playing at your parents’ house on Christmas Eve. But you should take any chance you get to see a black-and-white movie on the big screen. — Kip Mooney

Trans-Siberian Orchestra at American Airlines Center
Are there multiple versions of Trans-Siberian Orchestra? If not, how does this outfit manage to tour basically the entire country in the span of the holiday season? I don’t really get it. But, hey, we’ll all have a chance to ponder that on tonight as the group takes its totally epic Christmas music to the AAC for this but a few days before Christmas. — Chelsea Upton

Little Jack Melody Christmas Show at Dan’s Silverleaf
For the second straight year, Brave Combo’s Little Jack Melody serves as ringmaster for this big Christmas sing-along hullabaloo. Along with his Young Turks backing band, Ryan Thomas Becker will be on hand to lead the choir. — CG

Do214/Prekindle Holiday Party at Dada (Free w/ RSVP)
I love a good party, but a good party that’s free (with RSVP here) is even better. Do214 and Prekindle have partnered for another edition of their annual holiday party and have invited the world to come enjoy sets by -topic, Different Strokes, Siamese, Sean Russell (of Cut Throat Finches) and my personal favorite DJ, Fishr Pryce. Word on the street is Santa might even be making a guest appearance, so impress him and get off the naughty list with a $12 donation to charity, event T-shirt included. — Hannah Steiner

Sister’s Christmas Catechism: The Mystery of the Magi’s Gold at Water Tower Theatre
Just a couple stagings left of this Catholic treasure-hunting mystery musical comedy. — CG

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