Take It Off.

Most anyone that works a job that in any way involves the use of a computer can likely relate to the headache of email clutter. How many useful emails do you receive every day? How many more spam emails? Dozens? Hundreds?

In this super helpful post, Cate Huston lays out five steps to getting and staying on top of your inboxes once and for all. (Tip No. 1, if you have inboxes plural, you’re already doing it wrong.)

And in the post below, which we were thoughtful enough not to personally email you, we’ll help you get and stay on top of your plans for the evening – and in but one easy step to boot. — Cory Graves

Magic Men at The Bomb Factory
Magic Men is a male stripping show inspired by the film Magic Mike, a movie about the dark underworld of male stripping. It turns out a lot of people drastically missed the point of the movie. — Paul Wedding

Brew-Haha Comedy Series at Community Beer Company
In addition to laughing until their new Snickerdoodle Ale comes out of your nose, this edition of the local brewery-set comedy tour will double as a Toys for Tots drive. You know the drill. — CG

John Cleese & Eric Idle at Majestic Theatre
The Monty Python vets’ Together Again At Last…For The Very First Time tour is part scripted bits and part improvised, so every stop on the tour will kind of be something completely different. — CG

Lupe Fiasco at Gas Monkey Live
Lupe Fiasco has an innate ability to keep his fans on their toes. Between studio pushbacks, changes in album release dates, album cancellations and the like, any music he releases is (often) held in high esteem. — Porttia Portis

Bonnie Bishop at Magnolia Motor Lounge
Miss her on the Granada stage last night opening for Bob Schneider? The country-rock singer-songwriter turned soul powerhouse and her cracker jack band will dazzle this markedly more intimate bar and eatery in the Fort. — CG

Holiday Presence XII at Kettle Art
Let’s face it: Holiday shopping is a pain in the ass. Not only do you have to deal with hoards of people all fighting for the same over-priced gift, but the gifts often lack a sense of personality or creativity, making it seem like you put no effort into finding it. For the 12th year in a row now, Kettle Art provides an opportunity to find one-of-a-kind, affordable gifts from an array of artists without the painful trip to the over-packed retail jungles. — PP

Dallas Comedy House Toy Drive
Bring an unwrapped toy, get in to see various improve troupes for half price. — CG

The Shrine at Three Links
Some Black Flag indebted punk to thrash the night away to. Dirty Fences and Zig Zags open. — CG

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