Stop Making Sense.

Remember as a kid when you’d impress your friends by chomping down really hard on a wintergreen Lifesavers mint in the dark, shooting a little bolt of lightning from betwixt your teeth? If you’ve ever wondered why that happens, well here is a long scientific explanation of the phenomenon with big, hard-to-pronounce words. And here is some slow motion footage of the bolts in action.

One thing you don’t have to wonder about is what you are going to do for entertainment once it gets dark out tonight. We’ve found and listed plenty of ways to add some sparks to your evening.

Samantha Fish at Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill
After touring for many years as the guitarist and singer in a ripping blues trio, Fish has retooled her sound and brought on horn and keys players to pull off the bigger new soul songs.

Election Day Kick Off Party at The Rustic
The City Council elections are this Saturday, oddly enough, and arguably will have a bigger impact on your day-to-day than the Trump selection. Rally the troops and commit to vote and convincing your friends to do the same over some drinks.

Justin Townes Earle at Granada Theater
Eight albums into his career, Justin’s no longer known primarily as Steve Earle’s kid. Like his pops, though, he’s helped bring back some much-needed credibility to the world of Americana music. Or as Noisey once put it: “[Earle] continues down his career path of showing the world that alt-country can be pretty dope.”

Rhiannon Giddens at Kessler Theater
The founding Carolina Chocolate Drops member was one of the most talked about acts at this year’s stacked Stagecoach fest with her Grammy nominated folky solo project. The acclaimed fiddler, banjo picker and operatic singer and her top-notch five-piece band are sure to captivate the Kessler crowd.

Happy Hour!: A Talk and Performance Inspired by the Art of the Cocktail at Horchow Auditorium
If you haven’t been to the DMA in a minute, one of their current exhibits is Shaken, Stirred, Styled: The Art of the Cocktail, which features century-old booze glasses, exploring how drinking receptacles and cultures have changed over time. This is an Arts and Letters Live talk on said exhibit.

Detour Wednesdays at Crown and Harp (Free)
Crown and Harp is closing on the 7th, but before they go, several of the old weeklies are coming back for one last go, and many of the club’s former bookers are coming back to throw one last show. Old Cavern sound guy and current Ishi main man JT Mudd is bringing the old Detour Wednesdays back for a final hurrah tonight, with DJ Sober, Redsean, Boxer’s Brain and Anton O’Donnell providing the tunes and Matthew Brinston bringing the art.

Heart Byrne at Three Links
This ain’t no party. It ain’t no disco. It is an Austin-based Talking Heads tribute, though. This must be the place.

An Evening with Natalia Toledo Paz at The Latino Cultural Center
It’s likely to be a tri-lingual evening as Mexican poet Natalia Toledo Paz shows off her way with words at this event.

To find out what else is going on today, this week and beyond, check out our event directory.

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