Shake Ya Azz.

Always dreamed of being the gooey pseudo-food filling inside of a Hot Pocket? This sleeping bag will make that dream a reality.

Always dreamed up knowing where all the good good is going down on any given night of the week? The following list will make that dream a reality. — Cory Graves

Thin Line Opening Night in Denton
The tenth annual Thin Line Fest kicks off with a photo exhibition, a backyard barbecue with Raised Right Men, a screening of Waking the Sleeping Giant at Campus Theatre and a Dan’s Silverleaf show featuring Danny Diamonds and Kim Nall & the Fringe. For the week’s complete schedule, head here. Oh, and the fest is free this year, but do have to register here in advance. — CG

The Lone Bellow at Kessler Theater
While New York-made salsa might not fly here in the south — New York City!? — Brooklyn folk-pop outfit The Lone Bellow craft the kind of rich tunes even the most wary southern would find hard to deny. Further endearing itself to this part of the world, the band’s sophomore LP, produced by The National’s Aaron Dessner, finds the band heavily incorporating gospel elements into its sound, albeit in a big, string-filled, late period Elvis kind of way. — CG

Mandolin Orange, The Dead Tongues at Dada
Relentless touring can do wonders for a band. Enter Mandolin Orange, the project of Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz. These guys are sentimentalists at heart, crafting the kind of folksy sound used to exhibit personal reflection or the passage of time. — Calvin Cashen

Lincoln Durham at Three Links
Lincoln Durham is a southern rock musician with a particularly dark spin to his music. There’s a heavy country sound with a tone as angry as Durham’s own voice, furious and powerful. The lyrics go hand-in-hand with this, many of them Poe-esque tales of horror. — Paul Wedding

Suscon at Viva’s Lounge
Dallas Suscon is a gathering of people that really love suspension. Not like suspense, they like being drug up into the air on fucking hooks dug into their body. And there’ll be classes all week long to learn how to take your practice to the next level. — PW

Makin’ Mules & Ridin’ Bulls at Trophy Room
Learn how to make the perfect Moscow Mule from the Trophy Room bartenders – and take home your copper mug. Then, after building up some liquid courage, hope on that mechanical bull. Giddyup. — CG

Medicine Man Revival, Francine Thirteen, Jon Bap at Regal Room (Free)
IBK’s back room continues its string of fire local shows. This one, however, just might be the fieriest to date. — CG

Brandon Hays’ Birthday Celebration w/ Mystikal at The Whippernsnapper
The Whip’s owner celebrates his born day with Mystikal, who’ll sing that one song about shaking your azz a whole bunch of times. — CG

Half Baked at Sundown (Free)
One of the world’s ultimate stoner comedies will be available for your geeking and viewing pleasure on the eve of the holiest day of grass culture, FOUR TWENNY! This ridiculous film starring Dave Chappelle and Jim Breuer is full of quotable one-liners from start to finish. Whatever you do, don’t ever quote Bob Saget in this movie. You might get kicked out of wherever you are, unless of course you’re in the plug’s house. — Roberto Aguilar

To find out what else is going on today, this week and beyond, check out our event directory.

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