Start From The Middle Out.

Aren’t you glad you went to high school in an era when asking someone to prom meant simply walking up to them and saying it with words? It’s not like today’s kids, with their so-called promposals or outrageous stunts like faking a drug bust to land a date.

On the flipside, other things are easier nowadays, like finding out what to do on any given night. Your parents probably had find out through a combination of word of mouth and the newspaper. But you’re lucky enough to live in an era with websites like ours. — Cory Graves

The Lone Bellow at Kessler Theater
While New York-made salsa might not fly here in the south — New York City!? — Brooklyn folk-pop outfit The Lone Bellow craft the kind of rich tunes even the most wary southern would find hard to deny. Further endearing itself to this part of the world, the band’s sophomore LP, produced by The National’s Aaron Dessner, finds the band heavily incorporating gospel elements into its sound, albeit in a big, string-filled, late period Elvis kind of way. They’re playing here again tomorrow night, too. — CG

Bayside, Say Anything at Gas Monkey Live
Bayside is cool and you know that is true (know that is true). Say Anything is a band, and they’re playing too (they’re playing too). Oh, and Reggie & the Full Effect is still a thing, and they’re opening the show. — CG

Anthrax, Killswitch Engage at House of Blues
Yesteryear thrash on the big stage, including 25 percent of the “Big Four.” The Devil Wears Prada and Code Orange open. — CG

Suscon at Viva’s Lounge
Dallas SusCon is a gathering of people that really love suspension. Not like suspense, they like being drug up into the air on fucking hooks dug into their body. And there’ll be classes all week long to learn how to take your practice to the next level. — Paul Wedding

The WD Book Club: Universal Harvester at The Wild Detectives
If you’ve already read it, come discuss John Darnielle’s new is-it-or-isn’t-it a horr novel, and if you haven’t, come pick up a discounted copy. — CG

Trans* Benefit at Independent Bar & Kitchen
Trans/gender non-conforming musicians and poets will raise money for the Trans Pride Initiative with tonight’s performances. Mercury Rocket, Asukubus, The Mystiks, LLORA and Orion Centauri are all on the bill. — CG

Deep Ellum Mural Restoration and Tag Removal Day
Knuckleheads like this asshat have been upping their graffiti game of late, writing their bullshit signatures on every surface in sight. If you’re feeling all “take back the neighborhood,” there’s a group of folks who’d appreciate your help painting over their handiwork. — CG

Silicon Valley Season Premiere w/ Livestream Q&A at Alamo Drafthouse (Cedars)
The Pied Piper boys don’t return to HBO until this Sunday, but Victory members can catch the first two episodes tonight. Plus a bonus livestream Q&A with co-creator Mike Judge along with Gilfoyle and Jared. — CG

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