Have An Ordinary Day.

Did you know WD-40 is good for all kinds of tasks, beyond just lubricating things? It is! From cleaning many types of stains, to starting fires in the rain. Such a time saver!

One thing it can’t do, however, is help you plan your evening. That’s where lists like the one below come in. Also a time saver!

The Districts at Three Links
The two biggest examples of bands of high schoolers that completely immersed themselves in their dads’ record collections and subsequently mastered genres that died out long before they were born are Ireland’s The Strypes, whose sped-up take on the Stones has earned them tremendous global buzz of late, and Pennsylvania’s The Districts, which began its career with modernized take on Dylan’s electric years before branching off into AAA-friendly indie rock. The latter headlines this bill that also features a solo jaunt by Dr. Dog drummer Eric Slick.

MC Lars, Mega Ran at Curtain Club
The nerdcore/post-punk/laptop rapper MC Lars rhymes about things that really matter, like Wikipedia, texting, the works of Edgar Allan Poe and ice cream. He’s also got ties to Bowling for Soup, so maybe you’ll get a sighting from one of the guys at this one. Mega Ran also performs.

Pink Martini at Strauss Square
According to bandleader Thomas Lauderdale, Pink Martini got its start after the onetime aspiring politician decided to put together the best damn political fundraiser band the likes of Portland had never before seen. In the two decades that followed, that dream would prove extremely short-sighted. The band’s blend of old-timey styles, world music, classical and jazz have taken them all over the world and scored them legit hits in several countries.

Moon Sounds Records Presents: An Evening of Shoegaze at Dada
Making you stare at your sneakers this loud and echo-filled Monday are SXSW bound acts like Los Angeles’ Nightmare Air, NYC’s Dead Leaf Echo, Dallas outfits Paper Saints and Mercury Rocket, and Austin’s Bloody Knives.

March Madness at Henderson Tap House
The day after Selection Sunday – aka Have You Filled Out Your Bracket Monday – means half-price pizza, cheap booze and cash prizes. It does at this mad sports bar.

To find out what else is going on today, this week and beyond, check out our event directory.

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