Wagyu Mania Pops-Up At Mitsuwa Marketplace, W Hotel Welcomes A New Restaurant And Night Club, Anju Goes Through A Total Mexican Rebrand And More.

Grab your forks and knives and get ready to bust open your wallets, because it’s time for this week’s edition of The Spread.

If you’ve been waiting on a certain beloved, healthy and sustainable salad restaurant to finally find a home in Dallas, we have some good news for you.

Sweetgreen, the chain known for its salads and hearty grain bowls, secured a long-awaited Dallas location in Uptown’s West Village. Sweetgreen will open the doors to its kale Caesar with roasted chicken, rice bowls, its exclusive “Texas Garlic Chili Shrimp Bowl” and more on Nov. 23, according to Eater.

Two years ago, Sweetgreen decided it would take part in reducing its carbon footprint in all parts of the business. It is investing in soil health and regenerated agriculture and replacing fertilizer use with more methane digesters for dairy. Their practices have shown they are 30% less carbon intensive than the average American diet. By the time 2027 comes around, it hopes to be Carbon Neutral by reducing carbon emissions by 50% for the next six years.

Also, for the first two weeks after opening, Sweetgreen is offering free delivery for in-app purchases, so don’t pass up the opportunity!

While Sweetgreen is making sustainable decisions that will help Earth last longer, some Dallas spots are only here for a good time, not a long time.

Over in Plano, a new Wagyu pop-up is set to open this weekend. According to CultureMap, Wagyu Mania will reside in Mitsuwa Marketplace for five weeks beginning Saturday. As we all know, Wagyu ain’t cheap, so we shant be surprised at these menu items each costing $26; a Wagyu sandwich, Wagyu burger, Wagyu sushi and Wagyu curry. Eh, fuck it, we’re down!

In other lavish news, a new nightclub/restaurant called Villa Azur has opened its Dallas location in the W Hotel. Spearheaded by Co-owner Jean Philippe Bernard, Villa Azur is a luxury French-Mediterranean restaurant by day –offering dishes like branzino, seared octopus and tuna romesco, according to Dallas Morning News. But by night, the restaurant turns into an all-out, standing room-only night club, with only standing room available on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays after 10:30 p.m. The owners will even have contortionists and stilt walkers walking about the floors, matching the energy of the now-closed Ghost Bar, which was previously located on the upper level of the hotel.

Speaking of new locations, Mendocino Farms is set to open two new more next year. Transplanted to downtown from California, Mendocino Farms became a favorite last year, when it opened its first Dallas location shortly before the pandemic. The sandwich and salad shop also opened one in Addison earlier this year. According to CultureMap, the new locations will open in West Village in Dallas and Legacy West in Plano. And perhaps many others sandwiched in between?

Alright, that’s enough about sandwiches! Let’s talk about Asian food, er, we mean, Mexican food?

The restaurant formerly known as Anju has rebranded into Tequila Delicious but is shifting its focus from Asian food to Mexican Food. According to CultureMap, Tequila Delicious will offer street tacos, a “big burrito” and margarita varieties like, cucumber jalapeño, strawberry-basil, and a dragonfruit and mint one. Diners can also look forward to a drag brunch every Saturday.

It’s quite the change, but we’re here for it!

Cover photo courtesy of Sweetgreen via Facebook

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