Loud, Raw And Angry, The Newest Split Single From Party Hats Is An Anthem For The Adolescents Overwhelmed With Navigating Adult Life.

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Party Hats — “Maybe”
RIYL: uncertainty.
What else you should know: Denton-based trio Party Hats recently put out their third release of 2021, which is a split with Leroy Trinket. Their tune “Maybe” gets the most attention from us today.

Recalling the chaos of ’90s screamo by way of the melodies and angst of Algernon Cadwallader and Cap’n Jazz, paired with the instrumentation of Beat Happening (vocals, guitar and drums — with no bass or tuning pedals around), this is some beautifully rough stuff.

There is a common idea that “real” music is without imperfections. That’s where AutoTune, samples and triggers come in to “correct” mistakes made on a recording. But there’s another way of looking at music, and that’s from a very raw perspective. That’s what Party Hats does quite well.

After releasing two demos earlier this year, the band is in full anger and angst on “Maybe.” For Jonah, Chris and Ethan (no last names, please), it feels like a true representation of where they are in life.

In less than two minutes, there is talk about starting a new job and relationship — wondering about their respective longevity — and pondering moving back in with parents. It’s a very honest snapshot of what it’s like to be young and trying to work out what adult life is really like.

The band has a softer side present on their other recordings, but “Maybe” shows how loud they want to be. Despite the pared-down instrumentation, the sonics are full.

If Party Hats is a short-lived act, they are a product of an area that has produced many great bands that seek to express themselves instead of fit in with a trend.

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