Harvest Hall Celebrates One Year, Wulf Burger To Open Second North Texas Location At Mockingbird Station And More.

The owner of Fortune House, John Kim, is expanding his restaurant business to Lower Greenville in addition to his original Chinese dining spot in Irving. Kim believes that Fortune House pays great homage to traditional Shanghai dishes, thus wanting to expand his authentic Chinese cuisine to the Dallas area. By bringing in authentic Chinese dishes such as fried pork buns, soup dumplings, and noodles, Kim will be aiding in the severely lacking Chinese food representation of Lower Greenville.

Not only is Fortune House opening a new location, but it is also replacing a short-lived food establishment known as Gung Ho. Although Gung Ho received tremendous recognition and love throughout its time of operation, Fortune House is ready to carry on the Lower Greenville legacy in its place.

John Kim at Fortune House is not the only one thriving in the Dallas Megaplex, Harvest Hall is celebrating its first year of business with an all-day event on Saturday, Feb 5. The European-style food hall has become one of the top dining spots in DFW with gratitude towards its six local, chef-driven food vendors and consistent growth.

The birthday celebration will run from 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Over the course of the day, Harvest Hall will be offering $1 cake pops from the Main Line Coffee Bar, $3.65 birthday shots from Main Bar and $3.65 bites from the chef-driven kitchen. Should you find yourself wanting to be the life of the birthday party, the address for Harvest Hill is 815 S Main Street in Grapevine.

Speaking of reasons to throw a party, the West Village of Dallas is welcoming a new Italian dining spot called Fiatto. The new restaurant will take the place of the recently closed Eureka restaurant in Uptown leaving only room for anticipation. According to the press release, Fiatto is projected to open its doors in the Spring of 2022 for dinner and weekend brunch.

With both the executive chef, Kylil Henson, and general manager, John Dal Canton, having an authentic background within Italian culture, Dallas should be elated with what is to come for the West Village. The menu for Fiatto will have an American-Italian vibe by serving 24K Risotto, Roman-spiced lamb shank, Mafaldini (ribbon-shaped pasta), and Agnolotti (a type of ravioli). In addition to the traditional entrees, Fiatto is also eager to introduce their unique brunch items such as cappuccino waffles, Ferrero Rocher waffles and lemon-ricotta soufflé pancakes. The food at Fiatto is not the only menu item to be excited about, they will also serve what seems to be a never-ending amount of cocktails. From Negroni to Bloody Mary’s, Fiatto will fit right in at Uptown Dallas.

It seems that the restaurant openings never cease — there is also a new Wulf Burger opening soon at Mockingbird Station. This Frisco-based burger restaurant is ready to expand its horizons by opening a new North Texas location where the former Agu Ramen restaurant held residence but closed during the heat of the pandemic.

Wulf Burger has everything you could expect for a burger joint, but they also cater to every food lifestyle by offering Impossible vegan burgers, grass-fed beef burgers, crispy chicken sandwiches and sides of regular or sweet potato fries. We cannot forget their main attraction either: piercing red buns that are colored with natural beet extract. The red hamburger buns may make you perform a double-take, but don’t fret, they taste incredible!

What is another restaurant that can throw anyone off their game? A devoted biscuit restaurant in the suburbs. The notable Maple Street Biscuit Company is opening a location in the Tarrant County neighborhood of Keller in addition to the original Frisco location. Although the restaurant will not fully launch until March 2022, North Texas should highly anticipate this new opening.

Apart from the obvious assumption of biscuits, the Maple Street Biscuit Company also serves fried chicken, salads, waffles, house-made jellies and jams, coffee, fried green tomatoes, smoked bacon and more.

Cover photo courtesy of Fortune House.

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