Valentine’s Day At Overeasy, Mici Handcrafted Italian Is Coming To Frisco, Second Sweetgreen Location And More.

The month of February is not only dedicated to lovebirds and fleeting romance, it is also a time to celebrate Black culture and heritage– although we should be celebrating Black History every day of the year, not only the shortest month on the calendar. Nevertheless, there are endless ways to celebrate Black History Month. One of the best ways to celebrate is by supporting Black-owned businesses and restaurants.

The South Dallas Café at 7035 Marvin D. Love Freeway has been serving authentic soul food to Dallas for over two decades, almost for twenty-five years to be exact. The restaurant is owned by the Prince family, who have a mission of curating food their customers will love because it is made from the soul.

The food options feel like they are never-ending when dining at the South Dallas Café. The main attraction dishes include oxtail, smothered pork chops, collard greens, cornbread, plus much more. The dessert items include peach cobbler and banana pudding– minimal, but plenty when they taste as good as they do!

Don’t limit yourself to just one place! If you need more options, Dallas got you. From Lola’s Restaurant and Lounge in Irving to Queen of Sheba in Addison, there are several other places where you can celebrate this month.

That being said, Happy Black History Month!

On the other side of the February holiday spectrum, Valentine’s Day is genuinely sneaking up on all of us. If you have been paying detailed attention to recent Valentine’s Day promotions coming from nearly every Dallas media outlet, you have most likely noticed how the options of where to celebrate are far too expensive for most people. Can we all agree that celebrating Valentine’s Day at a restaurant that has three to four dollar signs next to the name on Google is a tad bit impractical? No shade if going on expensive dates with someone special is your romantic jam, but most of us need cheaper options.

If a people-flooded chain restaurant is not the vibe for this Valentine’s Day holiday, the Overeasy restaurant in the Main Street District of Dallas is serving up romantic brunch from February 11 through 14. Located at 1914 Commerce Street, the Overeasy restaurant is keeping it simple by offering one staple Valentine’s Day dish: Red velvet heart-shaped pancakes. This brunch item is accompanied by a warm cream cheese creme Anglaise, plus strawberries and whipped cream for a reasonable price of only $14.99. Should any Dallas food lovers want to celebrate the commercialized holiday with Overeasy, getting a reservation is a must.

All festivities aside, there is a new Italian dining spot coming to Little Elm in the Frisco area by the end of 2022. Although Mici Handcrafted Italian is an eatery based out of Denver, the Italian restaurant is a chain that is projected to open three new Frisco locations including the Little Elm location in hopes of expanding the business nationwide. By opening their new dining spots in Frisco, the hope was to cater to a casual business such as families who want to enjoy a staple go-to for lunch or dinner.

Mici Handcrafted Italian will offer everything deemed necessary for good Italian meals such as Caprese salad, Formaggio pizza, Alfredo pasta, and much more. Mici’s will also serve either gelato or cannoli for dessert. Additionally, the wine list is composed of Prosecco, white pinot grigio, and a red blend– minimal, yet tasteful.

Speaking of new chain restaurant openings, there is also a new Sweetgreen coming to Deep Ellum on February 7, according to the Dallas Morning News. Dallas can already hear the stampede of healthy eaters running to the new opening— it is a build-your-own meal restaurant, so we can’t blame them.

In case anyone needs a refresher for what this California-based dining spot serves, they have an assortment of salads and bowls such as the kale chaser salad, guacamole greens bowl, Buffalo chicken bowl, harvest bowl, and so many more variations.

Another detail that sets the new Deep Ellum location apart is the utilization of a pickup window for those who do not wish to enter the restaurant, this is no surprise considering the restaurant was created with Generation Z and Millennials in mind.

As Dallas celebrates the new restaurant openings and holiday commemorations (even if your love life sucks), make sure to support Black-owned businesses this month and continue going forward.

Cover photo courtesy of South Dallas Cafe on Facebook.

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