Talking X-Men: Apocalypse And Meeting (But Not Exceeding) Expectations.

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I really like the X-Men. I like them for the same reasons most people like comic book characters, too. Basically, I was interested them as a kid. X-Men trading cards were my jam. Those and Goosebumps books are all I talked about from 1st through 4th grade.

And since the X-Men people make a considerably more adult-friendly movies than Jack Black's Goosebumps do, I'm excited for every new installment. This one meets that bar, I'd say. But it doesn't clear it like the last two installments did. And, hey, meeting the bar is OK.

One thing holding it back: There are a number of logic/continuity issues. Maybe those are dumb and dorky to carry on about, but maybe I'm a dumb dork and this is my podcast, so I get to carry on about them. Joining me in my gripe session is my wife Megan. Together, we discuss the good of the film, too.

Listen in.

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