David Lowery Continues Along Path Toward World Domination, Links Up With Robert Redford.

Last we heard, Dallas-based film director David Lowery, in the wake of all his Sundance success with his to-be-released-this-summer Ain’t Them Bodies Saints film, had just received significant cosign from the folks at Disney, who’d tapped him to helm the screenplay for their reimagination of their classic kids movie, Pete’s Dragon.

Now, though, comes a perhaps even more impressive sign that things just keep on looking up for the promising Dallas director’s future. The Hollywood Reporter now reports that Robert Redford has tapped Lowery to direct The Old Man and the Gun, a new project Redford has already agreed to produce and star in.

The film, based on a 2003 New Yorker article, tells real-life story of Forrest Tucker, a career bank robber who, even at 78 years old, just can’t give up his old trade. There’s no word yet on when production on the film will begin.

“We’re always throwing lots of things at the wall and hoping something sticks,” Lowery told us of his plans in a February interview upon his return to town after his Sundance success.

Seems like, for him, it’s all sticking these days.

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