Wes & Jess Go Together.

Name: Wes and Jessica Medlock.
Age: 33 and 31, respectively.
Occupation: Model (Wes) and classical guitarist/harpist (Jessica). Co-hosts of “The Jess and Wes Show.”
Found: Deep Ellum.
Describe your style:
Wes: “Ethnic chic.”
Jess: “Vintage.”
What are you wearing?
Wes: “The hat is vintage from Dolly Python. Everything on the top is regular — maybe some Gap, maybe some Target. Then, underneath, I have some Barney's. The jeans I've had for a minute. The shoes are some Docs.”
Jess: “My hat, my husband bought it for me. He bought it from Dolly Python. My dress is from Milk & Honey. The cardigan is from Anthropologie. The ring is Anthropologie. My necklace was made by a good friend of mine, Jessica Luther. This was a part of my wedding piece. The shoes are Nordstrom.”
What inspires your fashion sense?
Wes: “The the things I see day to day. Concrete, grass, cars and things moving around. My wife, of course. And things scattering around my brain.”
Jess: “I listen to Alice Coltrane, a lot of old-school jazz. I'm adopting some from the earlier years.”

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