Tomahawk Has No Limits.

Name: Tomahawk Jonez.
Age: 28.
Occupation:I do music.
Found: Deep Ellum.
Describe your style: “Urban Vampire.”
What are you wearing? “The glasses are some red Ray-Bans. I'm wearing mostly H&M underneath. The jacket is a signature look from my homie, a dope-ass artist in town, DTOX. He styled me today. Pants are H&M. Shoes are Levi's.”
What inspires your fashion sense? “I like being able to make a statement and being free. You can do whatever you want. There's no limits to anything. People always approach me and tell me I don't dress like I'm from Dallas. Right now. we're pushing psychedelic stuff, with some '70s rock star added in. The way we mix genres with music, we do with our clothes.”

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