Who You Know Fresher Than Psalms D?

Name: “Psalms, D.”
Age: “29.”
Occupation: “Mobility computer engineer.”
Found: Moto Liberty in Farmers Branch.
Describe your style: “Fresh.”
What are you wearing? “My hat is a maroon fedora, which was gifted. My sunglasses are from ishopgoodies.com from my lady friend. My T-shirt is a thermal white from Aeropostale. My necklaces, rings and bracelets are all gifted. People like to buy me stuff! I don't buy jewelry. My belt and pants are from Levi's, and my shoes are the millennium edition Converse All Stars.”
What inspires your fashion sense? “My dad. Growing up, my dad was extra fresh — Jamaican swag. My dad and my whole family are Jamaican. My dad, when we woke up, everything was cool. When he got dressed, it was, like, no one in this will world would be better dressed than this man. So when he passed away I said, 'Y'know what? Ain't nobody gonna be fresher than me, either.' I had to step it up.

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