Our Editor’s Latest Picks For Some Of The Best New Music In North Texas Include Tracks From Bobby Sessions, GuitarEmoji & Penny And Dime. Plus More!

If you’re familiar with our recurring ‘Song of the Day‘ series, you already know we’re fortunate enough to call home to a city with a healthy heartbeat for local music. But, being that we’re all stuck social distancing through these tough times, here’s hoping this will give you something to help get through them.

From Upsetting’s new single, “Picking Up The Empties (Allen Park)” to Ting Tang Tina’s Honeybee album, a lot of great local music dropped today.

I know Spotify and Apple Music are easily the most dominant streaming services, but I would be negligent not to remind you that Bandcamp is waiving all revenue fees until 11:59 PST (3:00 a.m. local time) heading into the early morning of Saturday, May 2. This means your favorite DFW artists will keep 100 percent of profits made from music and merch sales on the website until then. Local musicians don’t make much to begin with, and often put the money they do make right back into their art.

That said, because we can’t catch a local show at some of our favorite Dallas venues like Three Links in Deep Ellum or Granada Theater right now, musicians can’t share their music with us in a live capacity.

So, if you like something you hear on this playlist, consider checking to see if the artist has a Bandcamp page — we might not have any control over the adversity we’re faced with right now, but we can control supporting the North Texas musicians who bring us bangers.

If you can’t right now, don’t sweat it even a little bit. Times are tough. Plus, Bandcamp will waive fees again on June 5 and July 3, too.

Now, enjoy this playlist. Unless you plan to needlessly go back out to the mall because you’ve been bored in isolation, or catch a movie that will surely be out on streaming platforms soon anyway.

This playlist is for social distancing, after all. Stay safe and keep staying home.

If you’re a musician in DFW who recently dropped something, or you’re just a fan of local music and think something should be on my radar: please don’t hesitate to put me on at @alecspicey on Twitter or at [email protected].

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