Do Yourself A Favor And Take A Breather. Today’s Track Is A Tender Slow Song That Serves As A Perfect Soundtrack For Some Peace Of Mind.

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Teethe — “Tag”
RIYL: Taking it slow.
What else you should know: The Dallas-based bedroom rock act released its first — and so far only — album in the fall of 2020. The self-titled record comes with 12 tracks (14 if you were lucky enough to snag a copy of the cassette reissue) of dreamy, lofi delight. This latest single from January picks up where the band left off and keeps the good times going — dare we say, like a game of tag.

Teethe does slowcore, a genre that this writer hasn’t heard of prior to this. It definitely is slow, but don’t confuse that with boring. It’s serene but has a lot of interesting textures and elements that retain your attention, perfect for yoga, sleep or a smoke sesh. In fact, adding this to our daily stretch routine playlist as we speak.

Textured, warm and tender are the words that come to mind when listening to “Tag.” It’s hard to assign a specific emotion to it because it can take any shape you want. A reflection of whatever you’re feeling, it works as a sappy romantic ballad, but also has the potential of being a chilling song of heartbreak and yearning. (Projecting? No, why would you ask that?)

The vocals take a back seat in the song, letting the beautiful instrumental take the lead. There are only a few lines of lyrics in the entirety of the three minutes, but they’re poetic and sung oh-so delicately by multiple voices, almost in a whisper, “push your palm upon the wind/feel you caught up in my skin/grass, a blade beneath your chin/you’ll say tag you’re it/and then we’ll start again.”

See what we mean about the emotion thing?

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