Heartbroken Friends, Unite This Valentine’s Day — Today’s Jazz And R&B-Tinged Track Is About Reflecting On A Failed Relationship And It Hurts So Good.

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Small Town — “The Whole Thing”
RIYL: Calling your ex.
What else you should know: Golden-voiced, 26-year-old Kiara Brown has been releasing some good stuff as Small Town for a few years now, but this is the first single under Sunday Dinner Records. “The Whole Thing” is available to stream on Feb. 27, but luckily, you can enjoy the song today along with it’s music video.

This one goes out to all the wronged romantics. You probably thought we’d feature a sappy love song today, huh? Nah, it’s sad girl hours.

But honestly, it’s hard to feel too down-in-the-dumps this Valentine’s Day with a song as luscious and jazzy as this one. Brown’s soulful voice sounds incredible in this, and supported by a zesty drum beat and smooth sax riff, you’re better off jamming to this song, not crying.

It’s a very honest tune. Brown sings about feelings of abandonment and frustration from a failed relationship, exploring the conflicting emotions that can come with one ending — the hindsight of it not being as great as it should’ve been, but still starving for it; the resentment towards your ex for leaving you, but still feeling like you need them to feel whole. It’s sad stuff that everyone will relate to at least once in their lives, but there’s still an air of catharsis to it. There’s plenty of empowerment in recognizing your self-worth and moving past something or someone that doesn’t serve you anymore.

Directed by Noisey Shot, the video is a great visual accompaniment to the sound. Full of mood lighting, cozy outfits and homey set pieces, it’s sets the perfect environment needed for getting over a heartbreak.

We also deeply, deeply feel the exasperation in Brown’s face.

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