Dallas Duo Rightfield Possess Fiery Charisma And Sharp Songwriting Skills. Check Out It’s Latest Edgy Pop Track To See For Yourself.

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Rightfield — “Big Tex”
RIYL: committing arson on Big Tex.
What else you need to know: Meet Jack Blocker and Reed Hoelscher, two childhood friends who dropped everything to pursue being the next big thing. With some tours under their belt, over 65,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and a new album, One Trick Pony, coming out next week, they’re well on their on the way.

Sometimes we come across a music act that’s absolutely killing it and are surprised to find that it is yet to be featured on here — this is one of those times.

“Big Tex” dropped earlier this spring and it’s three minutes of pure fun. The alternative duo leans pop, injecting energetic vocals and dancey beats into everything it does. Today’s track is the ultimate example of that. Wasting no time, it immediately throws you into Rightfield’s carefree world of electric guitar and snare. The clever lyrics quickly spill out of Blocker’s mouth, filling up the short runtime in a very satisfying way, like a musical puzzle.

Sounding like a revamped version of 3OH!3 or Metro Station, “Big Tex” is throwing us back to the Hot Topic days. It’s got the same pop-y yet edgy vibe and punchy vocal delivery as the beloved emo snyth-pop bands of the 2000’s. And if we had the ability to time travel and bring this song with us, you know the scene kids would lose their minds and put this up on their MySpace.

The single also comes with a video directed by Jay Martin — and that’s a whole other jar of fun. The boys’ infectious charisma, humor and energy really shine here, making it clear this project is the product of a lifelong dream. The two are seen performing outside a small suburban home, hamming it up for the fisheye lens and just generally dicking around — a great homage to the hyperactive joy and creativity you possess as a young person, whether that was intentional or not.

When a music video is a flop, it’s like it’d be better if there wasn’t one at all, but “Big Tex” is a perfect visual of Rightfield’s spirit and leaves you wanting to see more for these young Dallasites.

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