This Seven-Minute Improvised Psychedelia Track By Maestro Maya Was Recorded In The Woods And It’s Perfect For A Trip — A Road Trip Of Course.

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Maestro Maya — “Melted Mirage”
RIYL: What a long, strange trip it’s been.
What else you need to know: This Denton-based trio — made up of Josh Cinquemani (guitar/vocals)
Jonahs Downer (bass) and Andres Serrano (drums) —  does “improvised space gaze.” That’s right, this song is all improvised.

Released this past February, “Melted Mirage” is a live and improvised single that was recorded in some woods on the The Triptych Goat Farm. It truly cannot get more hippie than that.

It’s a long song, which makes the fact that it’s improvised so much more impressive. In the seven minute run, there is nary a flub and the production sounds incredible, credit to Cinquemani and his studio Dovetales Audio.

“Melted Mirage” comes in hot, with a rumbling, fuzzy bassline, a quick drum beat and a sporadic, singing guitar — the energy never faltering through out the whole duration. Cinquemani’s singing is also very special here. You can’t really make out any clear lyrics, but you don’t need to, the haunting vocalizations draw you in like some kind of forest nymph or perhaps more fittingly, a mirage in a dessert.

It’s everything that a good psych rock track should be. It feels organic. It makes you feel tranquil yet somehow invigorated at the same time. It’s complex and you can feel all the glorious elements in your bones. And all the mystical elements are nicely tied in with the lovely album art by an artist called Rainbow Brain. We love a good collage.

A song as long and as transfixing as this, it’s perfect for the playlist for your next trip. Yeah, this would be great to drive to…What!? What were you thinking?

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