Check Out Junk Food’s Callback to the Days of Landlines and Corded Phone Calls.

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Junk Food – “Calling.”
RIYL: Hanging up and trying again.
What else you should know: Junk Food first popped up on our radar this summer when he did a remix of RayBurger’s “Fast Food.”

Fitting, then, that just days after a RayBurger holiday remix was featured in this very column, the Yung Gourmet God would follow suit with a new dance tune of his own.

His quirky electro number has a bit of a retro vibe to it, though not because of any of the drum samples or plugins he uses. Rather the collection of telephone related samples, dial tones, busy signals, touch tones and messages from the operator have largely been rendered moot these days. Gone the way of the landline.

Not that we’d know anyway, given everyone’s preference for texting these days anyway.

Hell, things have come so far since the era of party lines that you don’t have to wait for Junk Food’s fourth Thursdays residency at Beauty Bar to hear this song in person. No, you can just scroll down and listen to these dumb phone noises right there on your smart phone.

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