Ahead Of Her Upcoming EP, We Want To Remind You Of A Killer Music Video This Dallas Rapper Released Earlier This Year.

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Jackie Faye feat. Chow Mane — “Jackie Faye Adventures” 
RIYL: Repping what make you, you.
What else you need to know: January 13 is the release date of Faye’s debut EP, Cuntry, which — much like the name suggests — includes southern-inspired sounds that help season her rap tracks. With acoustic and steel guitars tucked away under trap beats, there’s a clear love letter being delivered to Faye’s upbringing in Dallas. There’s also a nod to her Korean blood with the track “찌개” (soup) — all these personal details resulting in a sound that is very much her.

If you’re not familiar with Faye’s work and are looking for an introduction, today we’re highlighting a song and its music video that was dropped this past summer.

Directed by Nanako Fukui and Yuito Kimura, the colorful video exudes pure fun and showcases how much star power Faye possesses. We see her, featured Bay Area artist Chow Mane and their crew bouncing around picturesque sets, loving the camera and just vibing. “Jackie Faye Adventures” is a pure hype track about knowing you’re the best and not being afraid of shouting it from the rooftops. It’s an unshakeable theme that requires a video with top-notch production value to keep it from coming off as goofy, and the crew behind this nailed it.

And with the “somewhere in Dallas, Texas” title card and shots of the skyline and Whataburger, it’s a very bold celebration of our city, which is always appreciated. (Psst, Faye also posted this lovely clip of her cover of Erykah Badu’s “Out My Mind, Just In Time.”)

The Taiwanese-Korean rapper sprinkles in a lot of elements referencing her heritage, such as the reoccurring use of the phrase “yu mo gui gwai fai di zao” — a catchphrase borrowed from the cartoon Jackie Chan Adventures that was used when defeating evil. Meaning “spirits, demons, ghosts, monsters, quickly leave,” Faye uses it as a way to characterize her attitude towards haters, she explains on a Genius lyrics entry.

What a bad bitch way of looking at your haters.

Cover photo by @breezyyblake on Instagram.

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