The Latest Single From The Dallas Indie-Rock Trio Is A Fittingly Melancholic Track Suited For The Strange Summer We’re Living Through.

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Feeves – “Live Forever (Existential Crisis)”
RIYL: Soul-Searching.
What Else You Should Know: In contrast to what surely would have been a booked and busy year of playing shows, Feeves’s latest single “Live Forever (Existential Crisis)” was written and recorded in the midst of Coronavirus-induced quarantine. Expectedly, it perfectly captures the struggles many of us have likely found ourselves in during these increasingly strange times.

“Live Forever (Existential Crisis)” was released last month by the Dallas-based indie band, and was featured in Volume 13 of Spicy’s Soundtrack to Social Distancing.

The track maintains the same dreamlike introspection of Feeves’s 2019 album, She’s The Halo On My Head, but with a little less edge and a tad more vulnerability.

Although “Live Forever (Existential Crisis)” runs in the same vein as artists like Inner Wave and Vundabar, it feels heavier than what you’d find in your standard indie-pop playlist. It explores topics like mental health and identity without hesitation — vocalist Esteban Flores’ introspections cut deep with lyrics like “I change into a different person just to hide from myself.”

Not to be weighed down by vocal self-examination, dreamy guitar phrases offer a cool backdrop for rumination. The song is personal, but floaty enough to fill into a poolside playlists without disruption. While the tonal contrast can feel surreal at times, the track is oddly comforting — such comfort is just less of a warm hug and more of a relieving, cool breeze in the Texas heat.

“Live Forever (Existential Crisis)” lands us right at the intersection of impermanence and limitless potential, a unique mix that is sure to define the summer months of 2020, if it hasn’t already.

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