Our Editor’s Picks For Some Of The Best New Music From North Texans Include Tracks From Leon Bridges, Acid Carousel, Jessi England And More.

Listen, I know the news cycle has felt like it should be set to “Roman Holiday” by Nicki Minaj with the rate at which it has exhausted us since March, but you can’t let anything fall by the wayside in the hellscape that is 2020.

Being that this is a playlist for social distancing, I feel it’s important to remind you there’s still a fucking pandemic going on.

What’s more, on Wednesday, Dallas County saw 300 reported new cases for the first time since COVID-19 hit. The county is also trending toward the top rank of the nation’s next hot spot, as it currently sits at no. 5 for the number of new cases in the U.S.

Was that crowded, wait-timed brunch really worth it?

I’ll commend the calming efforts of Judge Jenkins’ per contras, but the whole idea of “we are seeing more cases because we’re doing more testing,” has never really quelled my own personal concerns — it doesn’t change the fact that there are still more cases.

We’re quickly reaching the time of year in Texas where it’s too hot to leave the house anyway — unless it’s for the greater good of exercising your first amendment right in calling for the end of racial injustice. Even then, be responsible and remember not to leave the house without a mask, stay strapped with sanitizer and don’t stop taking this seriously.

Also, if you have attended a protest in the last five or more days, you can get a free, no-questions-asked test done at the American Airlines Center today from 2-5 p.m.

Enjoy this week’s playlist, and keep washing your hands.

If you’re a musician in DFW who recently dropped something, or you’re just a fan of local music and think something should be on my radar: please don’t hesitate to put me on at @alecspicey on Twitter or at [email protected].

Cover image by Payton Massey.

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