Quiz: Can You Match The Texas Rangers Player With His Walk-Up Music?

With a 46-26 record, Your First Place Texas Rangers currently sit atop the American League West with a 9.5-game lead over its next closest opponent.

Roughly three weeks before the All-Star Game, manager Jeff Banister has these #NeverEverQuit Rangers looking like the real deal.

They’re scrappy as hell, anyway.

From Rougned Odor’s Punch Heard ‘Round The Globe to Nomar Mazara’s surprising rise to shoe-in Rookie of the Year candidate, this team’s a fun one to watch, for sure. Which brings to mind the question: Exactly how much have you been watching the Rangers so far this season? An even more telling question: How closely have you been paying attention when you actually do watch the games?

Test yourself below where we try and find out how well you know this year’s young crop by asking if you can match the player with his walk up music.

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