Um, Actually: Noted Dallas-Raised White Supremacist Richard Spencer Was Punched Twice In The Face On Inauguration Day, Turns Out.

Do we live in too politically correct a society?

That case can surely be made, especially in light of the fact that a legitimate talking point over the past week or so has been “Is it OK to punch a neo-Nazi in the face?”

That raging debate, of course, arose in the wake of the footage of notable Dallas-raised asshat Richard Spencer — the white supremacist piece of human garbage who coined the term “alt-right” — getting punched in the face in Washington, D.C., on Inauguration Day last Friday and spawning countless memes, including the following, quite patriotic one:


It’s a pretty dumb discussion, frankly. If someone is arguing for an “ethnic cleansing” — even a “peaceful” one — he probably deserves at least that much. Consider the 2015 public debate over whether or not you could justify killing a baby Hitler if you could time travel. A punch to the face seems mostly harmless in comparison.

Anyway, I bring all this up because, although earlier reports implied as much, today comes the visual revelation that it turns out Spencer indeed actually got punched twice on Inauguration Day.

Check out this separate photographic evidence for proof:


In light of everything else going on at the moment in this increasingly frightening world, it’s tough not to take a little joy in this, isn’t it? I guess what they say is true: Once is good, but twice is nice.

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