Revolver Taco Lounge To Open Deep Ellum Location Within Month.

After A Long Wait, Revolver Taco Lounge Is Gearing Up To Open Its New (And Expanded) Deep Ellum Outpost By The End Of March.

When Revolver Taco Lounge owner Regino “Gino” Rojas decided it was time to expand his revered restaurant outside of Fort Worth, it seemed only natural that he’d join the ranks of the many other hip and notable restaurants opening in Deep Ellum. In fact, he didn’t even consider opening shop anywhere else.

“Deep Ellum is a neighborhood that yells at people freedom, acceptance and different,” Rojas says while this week working on some final build-out touches to his space, which located right next door to the brand new Easy Slider brick-and-mortar location. “I don’t think [our concept] would work anywhere else with people of a different mentality.”

If the neighborhood is a little close-minded about, though, it’s with its current taco options. Unless you’re a diehard Fuzzy’s fan, you know what we’re talking about. So does Rojas.

“There’s a lot of nice (taco) places, just not in walking distance — maybe a block or two,” he says. “It’s just that right here, within these few blocks, there aren’t many authentic, real Mexican tacos.”

But that’s about to change. In addition to his new Revolver spot, which Rojas says is set to open by the end of this month, Deep Ellum will soon also be home to a new venture called Bowls & Tacos from the team behind Braindead Brewing. Like that spot, which will serve poke bowls in addition to tacos, Revolver’s Deep Deep Ellum location will similarly feature a menu that expands beyond tacos. Rojas’ new spot, located on the 2700 block of Main Street, will include a full ceviché bar with what he describes as “Uchi-quality” (read: sushi grade) fish as one of its main staples. And in the back of the space, beyond a neon red door, this Revolver location will also feature a separate Mexican-inspired dining room, where guests will entrust the kitchen to take them on a guide through Mexican cuisine via a six- to eight-course tasting menu.

One thing you won’t find at this Revolver, though? Nachos. That’s a stance Rojas is so firm on that there’s even an elegantly graffiti piece above the open kitchen that explains it in no uncertain terms: “We don’t have any fucking nachos,” it reads. The graffiti, done by local artist Cesar Llamas, is one of the strong design elements Revolver is incorporating to its build-out to balances out the traditional elements one might expect in a taqueria.

Another cool element this spot will boast? A walk up taco service window for people to get their on-the-go taco fix without even stepping foot inside the building. 

“This is going to be a little different,” Rojas excitedly says of this new location for his company. “It’s perfect. The vibe the crowd is creating between restaurants and people in the area is fucking awesome. It’s great. It’s right in the heart of Dallas, and you cannot disappoint this neighborhood.”

That’s not to say he’s expecting things to be easy when Revolver officially opens its Deep Ellum doors in a few weeks. Not at all.

“You cannot fuck around here,” Rojas says. “There’s very good stuff here, so whatever you do, it has to be good.”

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