Amsterdam Falafelshop Is So Good, I Eat It Pretty Much Every Day.

One of my favorite things about living in Deep Ellum is the convenience of walking to a myriad of different spots for lunch and dinner. Needless to say, I was giddy with excitement when a shop specializing in falafel and shawarma opened in the neighborhood earlier this spring.

Something you need to know about me: I FUCKING LOVE FALAFEL.

Day 1.
On my way home from work, as I was driving down Commerce, I spotted some activity to my left. Could it be? Oh my god it is: Amsterdam Falafelshop is open. After picking up my kids, I drove as fast as humanly possible home to rendezvous with fiancé, Katie, so that we could go directly to Amsterdam Falafelshop.

The concept is simple: you choose falafel or shawarma, then sandwich or bowl. From here, it’s all on you, bub. At your disposal are a myriad of fresh vegetables and savory sauces from the salad bar. Here’s my recipe for a bowl of heavenly falafel:

• Baba ghanoush.
• Hummus.
• Naked salad.
• Cucumber and onions w/ tart vinaigrette.
• Red cabbage.
• Chickpea salad.
• Torrator (really garlicky, garlicky parsley).
• Pickled cauliflower, carrots and celery.
• Red pepper hot sauce.
• Pepperoncini peppers.
• Tahini.

Look, I’m not going to mince words here: This is the best bowl of falafel I have had, in my entire life. Period. End of story. The falafel alone is perfectly spiced and seasoned, and when coupled with the wide array of options available at the salad bar, it’s out of this world.

Day 2.
I snagged some last-minute tickets to a concert. I met up with some friends and we enjoyed the tunes. By the end of the three-hour set, though, I found myself starving. Wait, I remembered, I’m pretty sure Amsterdam Falafelshop is open until midnight. If I cut the post-show pleasantries short, surely I can make it…

One of the first signs of addiction may be ditching your friends so that you can maximize your time with your substance of choice. My fiancé scooped me from the AAC and we made it in time. Sweet falafel victory.

Day 3.
What’s for dinner? Hmm, you know, the falafel place is within walking distance from my loft…

Post meal thought: So, maybe jet fuel can’t melt steel beams, but after eating the delicious falafel at Amsterdam Falafelshop Dallas for three consecutive days, these farts sure can!

Day 4.
My Facebook posts about eating at the falafelshop for three straight days are starting to generate some interest from hungry buddies curious if it could possibly be good enough to eat for three days and counting. Spoiler: It is. My buddy Gary hit me up to meet him for falafel for dinner. I mean, Gary is probably going to need some pointers on which vegetables and sauces to apply, in a particular order. I gotta do this… for Gary.

Still Day 4.
I picked up Katie and her friend Christina from work. Christina is also very interested, based on all the posts and check-ins. So guess what? Second trip, same day? Why not!?

But seriously, how good is it really? Look, man, I don’t know how else to tell you. Other than maybe to confess that I have been back seven times since I started this little diary, for a total of eight visits in 13 days now. Yup, it’s just that good.

Oh, and did I mention that they are now open until 3 a.m.? Yup, it’s my favorite spot for fourth meal — and when I say fourth meal, I mean fourth falafel of the day.

Cover photo via Amsterdam’s Facebook page.
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