There Were Our Most-Read Stories of 2014.

Listen: I’m sure there’s some information that can be gleaned from the below reveal of which of ours stories earned the most traffic in 2014. But hell if I know what it is.

All I know is this: 2014 saw our readership continue to grow and, for whatever reason, these were the stories that really did for folks over the course of the last 12 months.

I’ll admit that it’s fun to look back at these numbers and to wonder what they all mean — there’s a reason we did in 2012 and again in 2013, after all — but lost in that fodder is the majority of the pieces that we post, which, grouped together, far outshine the numbers these ones drew.

Alas, that all said, here are out 20 most-read pieces in 2014. Check ’em out if you haven’t yet. Or maybe give ’em a second scan if you already have.

More important, though, is this: Thanks for reading, you guys. You are appreciated.

20. Checking Out. // The Best Dallas Grocery Stores For Creeping.
People called us creepy for posting this. Yeah, no shit: We acknowledged as much in the headline. But, point is, this is some useful information. And, clearly, y’all were interested.

19. Dallas Fun Facts. // 50 Interesting Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Dallas.
This 2013 piece proved so successful, we gave it a follow-up and highlighted 50 more fun facts earlier this year.

18. Drinking Games. // Deep Ellum Brewing Company Publicly Blasts Scotch & Sausage Over Sales Dispute.
So much drama with DEBC, it must be hard being Scotch & Sausage, LLC. (I have no idea if Scotch & Sausage limited liability company.)

17. Size ‘Em Up. // A Comparative Look At The Sizes of 46 Different North Texas Music Venues.
This is pertinent information! For a select group of people! And just trivia for everyone else! But that’s still fun! Also, infographics!

16. Just Don’t Know. // From an Irving Kroger to Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jesse Rya’s Jams Are The Hottest Thing on The Web.
Shout out Google News for accepting us into its algorithm in 2014 and for people using Google to figure out who the hell that guy playing acoustic with a bunch of actual famous musicians on Kimmel was.

15. Ranked. // The 500 Most Famous Dallasites, Dead or Alive.
Let’s be real: You clicked this out of vanity and then got upset when you realized that the executive producer of Bob’s Burgers is from Dallas and even he only managed to come in at No. 468.

14. Asshat Of The Week. // You’re A Party Pooper, Jared.
We still fully stand by this. Dude remains the worst.

13. Welcome. // Mark Cuban Took His Newest Dallas Mavericks Out On The Town Last Night.
And, against all odds, we were there!

12. Sweet Surprise. // An Inside Look At Truth & Alibi, Deep Ellum’s New Candy Shop-Hidden Speakeasy.
We hated it!

11. Caught In A Pickle. // On Ron Washington’s Sudden Resignation, New Allegations of Sexual Assault and What Happens Now.
We’re still not one hundred percent sure what happened here. But the rampant speculation we all had to put up with at the time was pretty damn horrible.

10. Where Should You Be Partying? // If You’re Gonna Go Out, You Might As Well Do It In The Right Spot.
Proof positive that people loved quizzes in 2014.

9. The Fifty Best Burgers In Dallas. // The Meatiest List in Town.
How much do Dallasites love burgers? So much so that this 2013 list compiling other lists remains in our top 10 for the second year running.

8. Is Uptown Really That Douchey? // Not One Hundred Percent Of The Time, No.
Almost uniformly, y’all disagreed with us. But that’s just because you’re judgmental as fuck. Which is why we love you, at least in part.

7. 50 Free Dates. // Desperate For Dough? Delight Your Date In Dallas Without Dropping A Dime.
A classic post from 2012! Shout out to being poor, I suppose? Has anyone actually used any of these? We just compiled the list is all. We haven’t used them. Do they work? Tell us!

6. Still Racist. // More Allegations of Discrimination at Dallas’ Kung Fu Saloon.
Yeezy taught us: “Racism’s still alive, they just be concealin’ it.

5. Cheap Eats Cheat Sheet 4.0. // Where To Find Half-Priced and Discounted Food Deals In Dallas in 2014.
You call it cheap, we call it thrifty.

4. The Douchiest Bars In Dallas. // These Places Are Just The Worst.
Even a year later, they still suck.

3. Badu Love Chappelle. // Erykah Badu’s Hosting a Party In Dave Chappelle’s Honor On Monday Night.
And you love them both.

2. Rest in Peace. // Dallas’ Music and Service Industry Scenes Were Rocked By Back-To-Back, Unrelated Suicides Today.
OK, enough joking around: This was seriously one of the saddest days we’ve had to face in recent memory. We still miss you two.

1. 100 Things To Do In Dallas Before You Die. // Or Before You Move To Austin Or New York Or Wherever You Go To Become A Cliche
This post is over two years old and it’s still the most-read thing on our site on an almost weekly basis. How successful is it? So successful that someone basically ripped off the whole idea for a book that the Dallas Morning News, predictably, thought was a clever idea. Screw you guys.

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