An Extended Look At Dallas’ Broadcast TV Meteorologists.

Welcome to Ranked, our recurring column where we take a long, hard look at oddly specific things pertaining to Dallas and tell you the order in which you should care about them.

They say that if you don’t like the weather in North Texas, just wait five minutes and it’ll change.

Granted, they say that literally everywhere.

But, here in North Texas, we do certainly face a litany of meteorological phenomena, from thundersleet to hail storms, snowmageddons to snowpocalypses, icemageddons to icepocalypses — and, of course, tornadoes and 100-degree heat waves.

And, even still, when weather happens in North Texas and freaking out on social media runs its course, we do what we’ve always done: We turn on the television and watch on as our trusted area broadcast station meteorologists steward us through the good, the bad and the ugly of the situation.

In turn, it’s safe to say that one’s relationship with his or her area meteorologist of choice is a very personal one. That isn’t to say, however, that your pick for your favorite local weather person can’t be wrong, though. It very much can be.

With that in mind, please consult the below rankings for the definitive order of top weather dogs working in town at the moment. (Shout outs to the retired Troy Dungan and Ron Jackson, though.)

20. Lisa Villegas. (CBS 11)
19. Jennifer Myers. (FOX 4)
18. Lindsay Riley. (NBC 5)
17. Jeff Jamison. (CBS 11)
16. Colleen Coyle. (WFAA)
15. Jeff Ray. (CBS 11)
14. Remeisha Shade. (NBC 5)
13. Evan Andrews. (FOX 4)
12. Scott Padgett. (CBS 11)
11. Julie Bologna. (WFAA)
10. Samantha Davies. (NBC 5)
9. Ashton Altieri. (WFAA)
8. Steve McCauley. (WFAA)
7. Grant Johnson. (NBC 5)
6. Greg Fields. (WFAA)
5. Dan Henry. (FOX 4)
4. Rick Mitchell. (NBC 5)
3. David Finfrock. (NBC 5)
2. Larry Mowry. (CBS 11)
1. Pete Delkus. (WFAA)

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