Ashley Judd To Film NBC Pilot in Dallas This Month.

Pretty cool news out of the Dallas Film Commission today: NBC has confirmed that it will be filming two separate TV show pilots in Dallas this month.

The biggest of the two is an Ashley Judd vehicle called Salvation, in which the Kiss The Girls and Double Jeopardy star will play the wife of a just-deceased Dallas megachurch pastor. The other is a Jason Bateman-produced half-hour comedy called Two To Go about the last two single people in a group of friends.

Salvation starts shooting March 10. Two To Go gets rolling March 27.

Makes up somewhat for the fact that AMC’s Dallas-set Halt & Catch Fire about the area’s 1980s computing boom is being filmed in Atlanta, right? Maybe a little?

Doesn’t really make up for the cancellation of The Good Guys, though.


Worth noting, since we’re on the subject: Salvation is the second hour-long major network television to focus on Dallas’ love for church since 2012. The previous one, ABC’s GCB, lasted just 10 episodes in the spring of 2012.

So that’s our reputation now? Well, it’s at least better than this one, I suppose.

(Hat tip.)

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