Atlanta Rap Trio Migos Pays Tribute To Cowboys Great Emmitt Smith In New Video.

This afternoon, Atlanta rap trio Migos unveiled the video for a song of theirs called “Emmitt Smith” which comes from their last week-released No Label 2 mixtape.

The song is… well, it’s appropriately along the lines of most Migos tracks, if not quite up to snuff with “Versace” or even “Hannah Montana.”

And it’s obviously a tribute to the Dallas Cowboy great, which you can tell from its title, its repeated use of the running back’s name, its constant referencing to his playing number (“deuce deuce” meaning “22,” obviously), and its frequent use of such terms as “running,” “sack,” and “touch down.”

Also: They call him “pocket rocket” a lot.

Check out the clip below.

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