The Deep Ellum Possum Is More Of A Scenester Than You Will Ever Be.

Have you seen the Deep Ellum Possum yet? If not, you just haven’t been looking.

Even while actively trying to avoid being the center of attention, the latest and hippest fixture in this neighborhood has been seen hanging out on the back patios of Club Dada, Off The Record, Three Links, Twilite Lounge and basically every other hot spot along Elm Street in recent months, generally looking way cooler than you could ever hope to be.

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Sorry, but it’s true. Consider the following:

• The Deep Ellum Possum does not pay cover anywhere.
• You talk a lot of game about being nocturnal, but the Deep Ellum Possum really is.
• The Deep Ellum Possum has never been to Uptown.
• You know a few bartenders, but the Deep Ellum Possum has never once paid for a drink at any bar.
• The Deep Ellum Possum only hangs out on the back patio and never even bothers to pop inside and check out the band.
• You make plans to crawl from spot to spot over the course of a night, but the Deep Ellum Possum literally does it.
• The Deep Ellum Possum never says goodbye before leaving.
• More often than not, the Deep Ellum Possum is higher than you are.
• The Deep Ellum Possum is under no illusions about its garbage taste.
• You went to your first show at Trees when you were 18, but the Deep Ellum Possum has been hanging out in trees its whole life.

The Deep Ellum Possum is Dallas’ coolest scenester. The Toadies song “Possum Kingdom” is not about this marsupial, but really should be.

Portrait of The Deep Ellum Possum chilling at Three Links by Brett Michael Strawn.
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