Inspired By City Views And Cotton Candy Skies, Here’s A Collection Of Songs By Local DFW Artists For When You Just Feel Like Going For A Drive.

Hey, we made you a new playlist!

Many times when we write our Song of The Day reviews, we talk about how certain songs give us “driving through the city” vibes. We don’t really know exactly what it is about those songs, all we know is that the experience is a thousand times better if you play them in the car with the windows rolled down. We’ve tested them out, trust us.

Whether you’re driving down I-35 or through Jefferson Boulevard, in a fancy car or your old, reliable SUV, play these songs during your next cruise when it’s sunset hour.

You don’t really need a destination, just let these songs carry you through the ride.

(Perhaps this will inspire us to create more playlists based on certain moods and experiences. Who knows. Stay tuned.)

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