The Multi-Talented Jeremy Biggers Has A Little Fun Showing Off The Flavor Of His Go-To Fried Rice Order From His Favorite Spot In The City.

Welcome to a new pandemic-era series on Central Track called Photographers On Food, in which provide various Dallas-area photographers a small budget with which to buy themselves takeout or delivery from a local restaurant they love, and then ask that they shoot that order in a creative way before chowing down. In publishing these photos, we hope to to help keep food on the table of local photographers and to highlight some great area dining establishments that are working through these times the best we can.  

Central Track has spilled plenty of ink over Dallas creative Jeremy Biggers throughout the years — and rightly so.

One of the most prolific artists in the city, Biggers refuses to be contained within the realms of a single medium. On any given day, he can identify as a photographer, a videographer, a painter, a muralist, or a graphic designer.

So perhaps it’s not a surprise to learn, then, that the multifaceted and widely talented artist gravitates toward bold flavors when it comes to his dining preferences. For the purposes of this exercise, he decided to highlight a favorite dish he regularly orders at one of his favorite Asian fusion spots in town, Asian Mint.

Below, Biggers goes into some details as to why the spot has become such a destination for him over the years — and shares a photo he crafted that highlights the fun he has when dining there.

The Photo:

The Interview:

What restaurant did you choose?
Asian Mint.

Why this spot?
Asian Mint has been one of my favorites in the city for a while.

How about the meal? What is it, and what made you order this one?
The spicy crab fried rice with added chicken is my go-to when I go to Asian Mint.

What’s the best memory you’ve got of this place?
There are so many memories here. One of my first dates with my wife was to Asian Mint. We have a friend that knows one of the owners so, after we met him, every time we’ve been since, he’s made us something special that isn’t necessarily on the menu.

How did you decide to shoot this dish in this way?
I wanted to do something that was fun, and fits the feel of the restaurant, and the personalities of the brother-and-sister owner team. They are really fun people, and an absolute pleasure to be around.

How do you feel about how the photo came out?
I love it. I’m not a food photographer at all, so it was definitely a challenge and taught me quite a bit. But I’m proud of how it turned out. And it was fun! I may need to get some practice in and start offering it as an additional service!

Where can people see more of what you’re working on?
You can follow me at @stemandthorn on Instagram and check out my professional portfolio, which includes my fine art and mural work as well as my filmmaking projects, on my website.

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