The Recipe For A Cheap, No-Fuss Halloween Date.

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Halloween is here, and every year I tell myself that I’m going to have an awesome costume that I put effort into and that it’s going to be great. And you know what? Every year I end up wearing the same damn cat ears.

Instead of wasting money on a costume that some drunk stranger is going to spill their beer on, I’ve put together a no-fuss recipe for celebrating at home, spending one-on-one time with that special witch or warlock in your life and getting away from all the riff raff.


Difficulty level: Easy.
Supplies needed:
• Two pumpkins and carving sets.
• Halloween movies.
• Take out.
• Candy.
• Booze (optional).
• Blanket fort (optional, but come on, do it).pdn2

Step 1: Gather all above supplies. As you can see, both booze and blanket fort are optional, but I highly recommend both. In keeping with the theme of our lazy-but-still-spirited celebration, grab a six-pack of an Oktoberfest beer and make your fort dark to add to the spooky vibe.

Step 2: Order dinner — preferably something cheap and excellent like your favorite local Chinese restaurant or the usual delivery pizza. Eat said food in your blanket fort, accompanied by your candy and beer because we are adults and we can do what we want.

Step 3: Put on the scary/spooky movie of your choice. I’d go with a classic like Halloweentown or The Blair Witch Project. Carve some pumpkins before you cuddle up to your boo during the scary scenes, as that’s like the whole point of watching horror movies with others.

Step 4: Celebrate as you’ve now made it through Halloween with minimal effort, minimal spending and maximum fun.

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