Get Fit Or Get Fat — Together!

Welcome to Perfect Date Night, a new weekly feature that acts as your spirit guide for going on a perfect date in what is objectively Texas' best city, Dallas. Each week, we'll give you a night's worth of suggestions for a date night in a specific neighborhood, complete with recommendations for bars, restaurants, concerts, art shows, sporting events or, well, anything, really. Just make sure you include an emoji or two when you text your crush to invite them out.

Date Details.
When: Saturday, July 9.
Duration: 3 hours.
Number of Stops: One.
Modest Estimated Budget For Two: $50/80.
Ballin' Estimated Budget For Two: $90/150.
Romance Scale: Three out of five hearts.

There's two type of people in this world, the type that use their weekend mornings to run 5Ks and the type that sees it as prime time to indulge in all the brunch Dallas has to offer. Personally, I and (hopefully) the people I date are the latter. But it's OK, here at PDN we don't discriminate, so I've got a perfect option no matter which of these two camps you fall into.

Fit Lover: Too Hot To Handle 5K/15K (Norbuck Park, Dallas). Nothing says love like sweating buckets together while running way too far in this heat. After all, it's called the Too Hot To Handle race for a reason. Part of the Run Project run series, you can expect a good course, “the best swag”, and a beer garden for y'all's enjoyment at the end. Just make sure to get that perfect instagram pic together to document it, race bibs are a must.

Photo via The Rustic's Facebook page.

Food Lover: Jam & Toast Brunch at The Rustic (3656 Howell Street, Dallas).. Now this is something I can get excited about. The Rustic is already one of my favorite places, but seeing their surprisingly cheap brunch event tookk things to a whole new level. It has more than just the jam and toast it's named for, with a family style menu meant for you to dig into as you recover from the night before. Live music is the cherry on top, making for the perfect all-in-one brunch date with your favorite person.

Cover photo via The Rustic's Facebook page.



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