Which Dallas Bars Will Be Open On Thanksgiving?

All of them. All of them will be open. The good ones, at least.

Listen: You’re going to see a number of pieces published by local news outlets today that attempt to answer the question put forth by this article’s subhead. We know this because we see these articles published year in and year out, without fail. We’ve even written some of these pieces ourselves in the past. And you know what we’ve learned in researching those posts? Exactly what we already said.

So let’s just cut it all off at the pass this year: People like to drink on holidays, so all of the bars will be open, unless they don’t enjoy making money, in which case they’re poorly run establishments that probably aren’t long for this world.

As for the rest of the bars out there, expect them to be open by around at least 5 p.m. or thereabouts, unless they’re one of those bars that doesn’t open until 8 or 10 or whenever anyway, which just means that they’ll be open at their regularly scheduled time.

Concerned that the specific bar you want to go to won’t be open right when you’re ready to start boozing? Call them. If they’re not open, another place nearby will be.

Anyway, there’s your answer, OK? OK.


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